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discontinuedreplaced by: tiki_trail

Create and enforce immutable data licensing records client-side. The core-implementation of TIKI's client-side infrastructure.

2.1.4 #

  • fix: SQlite Unique Constraint violation in XChain Sync —skip blocks that have already been synced.

2.1.3 #

  • fix: Remove Uint64Lists for web compatability.

2.1.2 #

  • fix: Move key generation to Key Storage interface for web compatability.

2.1.1 #

  • fix: Guard method should use plain text PTRs.

2.1.0 #

Expands the API to:

  • Allow customer provided IDs (instead of directly utilizing addresses)
  • Allow customers to provide their own user token (JWT) for added registry security

Adds logic to:

  • Sync all transactions for all addresses registered to the ID on startup
  • Auto-register new addresses created to the ID
  • Add an app signature (using sign key from registry) to transactions
  • Interface with the l0-registry service

2.0.0 #


  • Set maxTransactions default to 1 (Most applications do not require high throughput, and longer chains will improve the immutability strength)


  • Rename ownership to title (As in "Title Record", the standard name used for declaring asset ownership.)
  • Rename source to ptr (Stands for Pointer Record and is more explicit about its intended use.)
  • Rename about to description
  • Remove type (TikiSdkDataTypeEnum) (They're more confusing than helpful and not critical to use.)
  • Title records should ALWAYS have an assetRef of 0x00 ("mint" transaction")
  • Update schema from 1 to an Enum AND bump version (Contents body schema is changing shape.)
  • Rename contains to tags (Both more explicit and flexible.)
  • Use Enum for tags, defined here


  • Rename consent to license (As in "License Record", a more explicit and standard name)
  • Bug: Schema is not serialized (Fix and use an Enum)
  • OwnershipId should be in the assetRef field, not in the contents (See whitepaper)
  • Rename about to description
  • Rename destination to uses, and update object structure to match spec.
  • Bug: Fix destination/uses serialization. (for example, [],[] currently resolves to [][])


  • Update method names to match naming changes from above
  • Rename applyConsent to guard and adjust functionality to match spec
  • Update _checkConsent logic to match new uses data structure

1.1.2 #

  • Add example app (in progress)
  • Change description
  • Update TIKI SDK public API docs

1.1.1 #

  • bump version for Dart Pub sync

1.1.0 #

  • new L0 Auth and L0 Storage APIs
  • new test and release flow
  • dart doc categories and topics
  • move consent & ownership into a cache category

1.0.0 #

  • public release

0.0.18 #

  • fix apply consent errors
  • add more tests for apply consent

0.0.17 #

  • fix bugs with json convert
  • add expiry to ConsentModel repository

0.0.16 #

  • add toJson to ownership and consent models

0.0.12 - 0.0.15 #

  • docs updates

0.0.11 #

  • fix destination deserialization

0.0.10 #

  • updated README
  • fixed apiId naming

0.0.9 #

  • expose utils/bytes lib
  • update sstorage

0.0.8 #

  • code cleanup
  • documentation updates
  • tests updates

0.0.7 #

  • add toJson to consent and destination models
  • change backup key path

0.0.6 #

  • update to builder pattern

0.0.5 #

  • TIKI SDK methods implementation

0.0.4 #

  • Add xchain
  • Add NFT layer (consent and ownership)

0.0.3 #

  • Update lib structure
  • Add doc

0.0.2 #

  • Blockchain local node

0.0.1 #

  • Setup repository
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Create and enforce immutable data licensing records client-side. The core-implementation of TIKI's client-side infrastructure.

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