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Extension to the Bloc library that simplifies common state transition sequences

Stateful Bloc #

Pub build style: effective dart License: MIT

Extension to the Bloc library that simplifies common state transition sequences

Use case #

Stateful extension is built to support data loading and submission patterns which are commonly implemented using Bloc. Each one of them usually consist of the following states: SubjectInitial, SubjectActionInProgress, SubjectActionSuccess, SubjectActionFailure

They are commonly used as follows:

  • SubjectInitial is the initialState set in constructor
  • when the action is triggered the SubjectActionInProgress is set
  • some logic is executed to fetch / send / transform the data
  • depending on the outcome SubjectActionSuccess / SubjectActionFailure is set

This extension abstracts away both the state types and their transitions leaving only the logic to be supplied by the implementer.

Usage comparison #

Example of a generic cubit that provides state to a page, allowing it to display a loading indicator and error message

Cubit #

Pure cubit Stateful cubit
class PageCubit extends Cubit<PageState> {
  PageCubit() : super(PageStateInitial());

  void loadPage() {
    try {
      // data loading
      emit(PageStateLoadSuccess(/* data */));
    } catch(e) {
class PageCubit extends Cubit
    <StatefulState<PageData>> with StatefulCubit {
  PageCubit() : super(StatefulState());

  void loadPage() => load(body: () {
    // data loading
    return Outcome.finished(PageData(/* data */));

State #

Pure cubit state Stateful state
abstract class PageState extends Equatable {
  List<Object> get props => [];

class PageStateInitial extends PageState {}

class PageStateLoadInProgress extends PageState {}

class PageStateLoadSuccess extends PageState {
  final String data;

  const LoadSuccess(;

  List<Object>? get props => [data];

class PageStateLoadFailure extends PageState {}
// used as StatefulState<PageData>
class PageData extends Equatable {
  final String data;

  const PageData(;

  List<Object>? get props => [data];

Advantages #

Main advantages of using the Stateful extension:

  • Cubit / Bloc simplification - you don't have to worry about states, just focus on the logic and the data it changes
  • State simplification - no more repeating the same inheritance tree for each component, just focus on the data that's being provided
  • Uniform state types across the whole codebase - aside from the standardization itself this makes it easier to reuse state dependent widgets across multiple UI components (like showing a loading indicator on ActionStatus.ongoing or an error message on ActionStatus.failed).

Maintainers #

License #

This library is licenced under MIT License

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Extension to the Bloc library that simplifies common state transition sequences

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