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The official dev tools for the Stacked Framework

Stacked CLI #

The official CLI (Command Line Interface) dev tools for working with the Stacked framework. Stacked is a framework built in Flutter for production teams. It is built for maintenance, readability, and scaleability. To read about the usage of this tool read the Stacked CLI docs

Running the code #

Todo: write out the steps to run this project locally

To test the updated executable code locally run

# If you're inside the stacked_cli folder use . otherwise use path to stacked_cli directory
dart pub global activate --source path .

Code Structure #

Todo: Write out a code base overview to explain how things are built

Templates #

Templates are written as normal dart files using mustache templating. A file that can be templated should end in .stk . All the constants that can be replaced in templates ca be found in lib/src/templates/template_constants.dart. The values we have to substitute at the moment is:

  • viewName: The name of the view class in dart. Given a name 'details' expects viewName to equal DetailsView

  • viewFolderName: The name of the folder that the view will be created in. This is a snake_case version of the name.

  • viewFileName: The name of the file that the view is created in with the dart extension. Given a name 'details' expects viewFileName to equal details_view.dart

  • viewModelName: The name of the viewmodel class in dart. Given a name 'details' expects viewModelName to equal DetailsViewModel

  • viewModelFileName: The name of the file that the viewmodel is created in with the dart extension. Given a name 'details' expects viewModelFileName to equal details_viewmodel.dart

  • packageName: The name of the package that the cli tool is running in. This is read from the pubspec.yaml file in the root folder.

  • serviceName: The name of the service class in Dart. Given a service name stripe expect StripeService

  • serviceFilename: The name of the file the service class will be stored in. Given a name stripe expect stripe_service.dart to be returned.

Todo: Change to a table and add all other template variables here