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The official Spine Flutter Runtime to load, display and interact with Spine animations.

spine-flutter #

The spine-godot runtime provides functionality to load, manipulate and render Spine skeletal animation data using Flutter. spine-flutter is based on spine-cpp and supports desktop and mobile Flutter deployment targets. spine-flutter does not support Flutter's web deployment target.

See the spine-flutter documentation for in-depth information. #

The spine_flutter package name was previously used to publish the Spine Flutter Runtime in plain Dart by Junji Takakura. Junji has kindly transferred the package name to us and is now publishing his Dart-only Spine Flutter Runtime under the package name spine_flutter_dart.

Licensing #

You are welcome to evaluate the Spine Runtimes and the examples we provide in this repository free of charge.

You can integrate the Spine Runtimes into your software free of charge, but users of your software must have their own Spine license. Please make your users aware of this requirement! This option is often chosen by those making development tools, such as an SDK, game toolkit, or software library.

In order to distribute your software containing the Spine Runtimes to others that don't have a Spine license, you need a Spine license at the time of integration. Then you can distribute your software containing the Spine Runtimes however you like, provided others don't modify it or use it to create new software. If others want to do that, they'll need their own Spine license.

For the official legal terms governing the Spine Runtimes, please read the Spine Runtimes License Agreement and Section 2 of the Spine Editor License Agreement.

Spine version #

spine-flutter works with data exported from Spine 4.2.xx.

spine-flutter supports all Spine features, except two-color tinting and the screen blend mode.

Supported platforms #

The spine-flutter runtime works on desktop, mobile and web. Web deployment requires canvaskit, which will add about 2mb of dependencies to your web deployment. You can compile your app for web with Canvaskit like this:

flutter build web --web-renderer canvaskit

Setup #

To add spine_flutter to your Flutter project, add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file:

  spine_flutter: ^4.2.11

In your main(), add these two lines in the beginning to initialize the Spine Flutter runtime:

void main() {
    await initSpineFlutter(enableMemoryDebugging: false);

Example #

If you have pulled the spine_flutter package from pub.dev directly, you can run the example in the example/ folder as is:

cd path/to/downloaded/spine_flutter
cd example
flutter run

Otherwise you can run the example like this:

  1. install the Flutter SDK, then run flutter doctor which will instruct you what other dependencies to install.
  2. Clone this repository git clone https://github.com/esotericsoftware/spine-runtimes
  3. Run setup.sh in the spine-flutter/ folder. On Windows, you can use Git Bash included in Git for Window to run the setup.sh Bash script.

You can then open spine-flutter in an IDE or editor of your choice that supports Flutter, like IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio or Visual Studio Code to inspect and run the example.

Alternatively, you can run the example from the command line.

Development #

If all you modify are the Dart sources of the plugin, then the development setup is the same as the setup described under "Example" above.

If you need to work on the dart:ffi bindings for spine-cpp, you will also need to install Emscripten.

To generate the bindings based on the src/spine_flutter.h header, run dart run ffigen --config ffigen.yaml. After the bindings have been generated, you must replace the line import 'dart:ffi' as ffi; with import 'ffi_proxy.dart' as ffi; in the file src/spine_flutter_bindings_generated.dart. Otherwise the bindings will not compile for the web.

If you made changes to spine-cpp or the source files in src/, you must run compile-wasm.sh. This will compile spine-cpp and the bindings for the Web and place updated versions of libspine_flutter.js and libspine_flutter.wasm in the lib/assets/ folder. For web builds, the initSpineFlutterFFI() function in lib/init_web.dart will load these files from the package's asset bundle.

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The official Spine Flutter Runtime to load, display and interact with Spine animations.

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