shelf_eventsource 0.1.0+1

Dart 2 incompatible

A shelf handler for Server-Sent Events (SSE).

shelf_eventsource #

A shelf extension for EventSource or Server-Sent Events (SSE) that works together with the eventsource package.

How to use it? #

The usage is really easy:

import "package:shelf/shelf_io.dart" as io;
import "package:eventsource/publisher.dart";
import "package:shelf_eventsource/shelf_eventsource.dart";

EventSourcePublisher publisher = new EventSourcePublisher(cacheCapacity: 100);
var handler = eventSourceHandler(publisher);
io.serve(handler, "localhost", 8080);

For a more extensive example with routing, see the example/ directory.

Licensing #

This project is available under the MIT license, as can be found in the LICENSE file.