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A client and server implementation of Server-Sent Events.

eventsource #

A library for using EventSource or Server-Sent Events (SSE). Both client and server functionality is provided.

This library implements the interface as described here.

Client usage #

For more advanced usage, see the example/ directory. Creating a new EventSource client is as easy as a single call. The http package is used under the hood, so wherever this package works, this lbirary will also work. Browser usage is slightly different.

EventSource eventSource = await EventSource.connect("");
// in browsers, you need to pass a http.BrowserClient:
EventSource eventSource = await EventSource.connect("", 
    client: new http.BrowserClient());

Server usage #

We recommend using shelf_eventsource for serving Server-Sent Events. This library provides an EventSourcePublisher that manages subscriptions, channels, encoding. We refer to documentation in the shelf_eventsource package for more information.

This library also includes a server provider for dart:io's HttpServer in io_server.dart. However, it has some issues with data flushing that are yet to be resolved, so we recommend using shelf instead.

Licensing #

This project is available under the MIT license, as can be found in the LICENSE file.

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A client and server implementation of Server-Sent Events.

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