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Migration Guide (Use simple_animation v1 code while migratating to v2)

Simple Animations 1.x migration #

Thank you for using Simple Animations in your recent projects. Every framework needs to evolve and Simple Animation is no exception.

Migration guide #

This guide will lead you through the upgrading process of Simple Animation.

Upgrade project dependencies #

Change your pubspec.yaml:

  • Set the latest Simple Animations dependency simple_animations: ^2.x.x (find latest) and execute a pub upgrade.

  • Simple Animations will expose the content of this package.

Content of this package #

This package (sa_v1_migration) contains the lastest stable release of Simple Animation version 1.x. This way you can use classes from version 1.x.x along with 2.x.x.

All classes from version 1.x.x has been marked as deprecated.

Replacing deprecated classes #

Now you can focus on replacing your existing code with the new mechanisms.

ControlledAnimation widget

All aspects of the ControlledAnimation widget are available on version 2.x.x. The new CustomAnimation comes closest to the feature set of ControlledAnimation.

You might also take a look at PlayAnimation, LoopAnimation and MirrorAnimation widgets as they represent simpler variants of CustomAnimation.

Look at Stateless Animation README for further details.


The MultiTrackTween has been reworked into a new MultiTween. It has the same feature set but it's easier to use and fully type-safe.

Look at MultiTween README for further details.


The AnimationControllerX or a similar alternative implementation of an AnimationController is not available in version 2.x.x.

Simple Animations version 2.x.x focuses on utilizing the core mechanics of the Flutter framework and to simplify on top of them. Providing an alternative to a core feature of Flutter may introduce problems in the future. Further investions into that direction are not rewarding to the platform.


The AnimationControllerMixin came along with AnimationControllerX and helped with initializing and disposing an AnimationControllerX instance inside a stateful class.

Simple Animations version 2.x.x offers a similar mechanism called AnimationMixin that effordlessly creates managed AnimationController instances.

Look at Anicoto README for further details.


A similar mechanism to Rendering widget isn't available in Simple Animation version 2.x.x. The use cases for that widget are rare. Also the Rendering widget alone doesn't help developers enough.

You can replace the Rendering widget by using a LoopAnimaton with a ConstantTween(1) and ignore the animated value.

  tween: ConstantTween(1), // <-- any tween will satisfy the API here
  builder: (context, child, value) { // <-- ignore 'value'
    // endless rendering loop
    return ...

The Rendering widget supplied you with the passed time. You can get that behavior by using the following snippet (uses supercharged syntactic sugar):

var startTime =; // Duration() passed since 01.01.1970

Instead of using AnimationProgress class to track the progression of your particle animation you can just save a startTime and a duration for your particle. You can get the current progress with:

double progress() {
  return (( - startTime) / duration)
    .clamp(0.0, 1.0)
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Migration Guide (Use simple_animation v1 code while migratating to v2)

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