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MultiTween (part of Simple Animations Framework) can animate multiple properties at once.

This project is part of the Simple Animations Framework

🎭 MultiTween #

MultiTween is a powerful Animateable that animates multiple properties at once.

🌞 Highlights #

  • Animate multiple properties (for example width, height and color) at once inside a single animation.

  • Chain multiple tweens to create complex animations.

⛏ Usage #

🛈 The following code snippets use supercharged for syntactic sugar.

Getting started #

Add Simple Animations to your project by following the instructions on the install page.

To learn how to use MultiTween:

Basic usage pattern #

Create an enum outside your widget class. It contains all properties you want to animate. (For example: width, height or color)

enum AniProps { width, height }

Then you create a MultiTween by instancing it with the enum you created in the first step. Invoke the add method to arrange your animation.

final _tween = MultiTween<AniProps>()
  ..add(AniProps.width, 0.0.tweenTo(100.0), 1000.milliseconds)
  ..add(AniProps.width, 100.0.tweenTo(200.0), 500.milliseconds)
  ..add(AniProps.height, 0.0.tweenTo(200.0), 2500.milliseconds);

Use the created _tween with your favorite animation technique. Here we use the PlayAnimation widget provided by Simple Animations.

  tween: _tween, // Pass in tween
  duration: _tween.duration, // Pass in total duration obtained from MultiTween
  builder: (context, child, value) {
    return Container(
      width: value.get(AniProps.width), // Get animated width value
      height: value.get(AniProps.height), // Get animated height value
      color: Colors.yellow,

Using the predefined enum for animation properties #

It's always good to create your own enum that contain the precise animation properties the animation uses. But we developers are sometimes lazy.

If you feel lazy can also use the DefaultAnimationProperties enum that contains a varity of common used animation properties.

final _tween = MultiTween<DefaultAnimationProperties>()
  ..add(DefaultAnimationProperties.width, 0.0.tweenTo(100.0), 1000.milliseconds);

Some notes on using durations #

Duration tracking

The MultiTween tracks the duration for each property you specified when arranging your tween. In the examples above we used this "tracked duration" (_tween.duration) to define the total animation duration.

Use own durations

You also also use your own Duration. MultiTween will automatically lengthen or shorten the tween animation.

  tween: _tween,
  duration: 3.seconds, // Use own duration
  builder: (context, child, value) {
    return Container(
      width: value.get(AniProps.width),
      height: value.get(AniProps.height),
      color: Colors.yellow,

Default duration when adding tweens to MultiTween

Supplying a duration when calling add method is optional as well. It will use Duration(seconds: 1) as the default value.

final _tween = MultiTween<DefaultAnimationProperties>()
  ..add(DefaultAnimationProperties.width, 0.0.tweenTo(100.0)); // no duration supplied

_tween.duration; // Duration(seconds: 1)

Inhomogeneous durations

If properties have different durations MultiTween will extrapolate the last value for each property.

final tween = MultiTween<DefaultAnimationProperties>()
  ..add(DefaultAnimationProperties.width, 0.0.tweenTo(100.0), 1.seconds) // width takes 1 second
  ..add(DefaultAnimationProperties.height, 0.0.tweenTo(1000.0), 2.seconds); // height takes 2 seconds

After a second the width reaches it's target value of 100.0. Meanwhile the height property is halfway at 500.0. From now on width will stay at 100.0 untils height reaches it's target value of 1000.0. The whole tween is completed after 2 seconds.

Non-linear animations #

You can make your animation more interesting by adding non-linear tweens. When adding your tweens you can use the (optional) fourth parameter to specify a Curve.

Flutter comes with a set of predefined curves inside the Curves class.

final tween = MultiTween<DefaultAnimationProperties>()
  ..add(DefaultAnimationProperties.width, 0.0.tweenTo(100.0), 1000.milliseconds, Curves.easeOut);
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MultiTween (part of Simple Animations Framework) can animate multiple properties at once.

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