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Customizable, easy to use heat map interface analysis library


Instructions #

Running the example #

  • run flutter create example_app
  • add the latest versions of those packages as dependencies in pubspec.yaml:
    • round_spot
    • path_provider
  • replace the content of lib/main.dart with the example.dart
  • connect a device or start an emulator
  • run flutter run

Interacting with the application #

  • tap the First page a few times
  • go to the Second page using the button
  • scroll the list up and down
  • tap some of its items

Getting the heat maps #

  • exit the app or put it in background - do not kill it immediately as this might prevent the heat maps from being generated
  • heat maps are saved under a path returned by getApplicationDocumentsDirectory()
  • depending on your interactions the following files can be present:
    • first_.png and second_.png containing those application pages
    • second_list.png with the content of the list (entries from 0 to 49)