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Dart library to access and manipulate content of pubpec.lock files

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Dart library to access and manipulate content of pubpec.lock files

Data classes #

PubspecLock represents data stored in pubspec.lock files. is used to provide data type facilities

class PubspecLock {
  final Iterable<SdkDependency> sdks;
  final Iterable<PackageDependency> packages;

SdkDependency provides sdk name and version:

class SdkDependency {
  /// Default constructor
  const SdkDependency({
    @required this.sdk,
    @required this.version,

  final String sdk;
  final String version;

PackageDependency represents a package dependency, which can be:

  • a hosted dependency,
  • an SDK dependency,
  • a Git dependency, or
  • a path dependency

Please checkout for details. is used to deal with variations of different package dependency types in a type-safe and concise manner.

class PackageDependency extends _$PackageDependency {
  const PackageDependency.sdk(SdkPackageDependency sdk) : super(sdk: sdk);
  const PackageDependency.hosted(HostedPackageDependency hosted) : super(hosted: hosted);
  const PackageDependency.git(GitPackageDependency git) : super(git: git);
  const PackageDependency.path(PathPackageDependency path) : super(path: path);

  /// Provides package dependency name
  String package() => iswitch(
        sdk: (d) => d.package,
        hosted: (d) => d.package,
        git: (d) => d.package,
        path: (d) => d.package,

  /// Provides package dependency version
  String version() => iswitch(
        sdk: (d) => d.version,
        hosted: (d) => d.version,
        git: (d) => d.version,
        path: (d) => d.version,

  /// Provides package dependency type -- direct, development, or transitive
  DependencyType type() => iswitch(
        sdk: (d) => d.type,
        hosted: (d) => d.type,
        git: (d) => d.type,
        path: (d) => d.type,

Import from YAML #

The String extension method loadPubspecLockFromYaml() can be used to create a PubspecLock instance from a YAML string:

final pubspecLock = File('pubspec.lock').readAsStringSync().loadPubspecLockFromYaml();

Export to YAML #

PubspecLock.toYamlString() can be used to export PubspecLock object to a YAML string:


Full example #

The following Dart script checks whether all Dart dependencies are taken from

import 'dart:io';

import 'package:pubspec_lock/pubspec_lock.dart';

// ignore_for_file: avoid_print

void main() {
  final pubspecLock = File('pubspec.lock').readAsStringSync().loadPubspecLockFromYaml();
  print('Loaded pubspec.lock with ${pubspecLock.packages.length} package dependencies:');

  final depsNotHostedByPubDev = [
    for (final package in pubspecLock.packages)
      if (!isHostedByPubDev(package))

  if (depsNotHostedByPubDev.isEmpty) {
    print('SUCCESS: All dependencies are hosted by');
  } else {
    print('WARNING: Dependencies hosted outside of');


bool isHostedByPubDev(PackageDependency package) => package.iswitcho(
      hosted: (package) => package.url == '',
      otherwise: () => false,
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Dart library to access and manipulate content of pubpec.lock files



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