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Automates the release of a dart package to including running dartfmt, creating a git tag, incrementing the packages version no. and pushing the package to

Pub Release is a package to assist in publishing dart/flutter packages to

Pub Release performs the following operations:

  • Formats all code using dartfmt
  • Increments the version no. using semantic versioning after asking what sort of changes have been made.
  • Creates a dart file containing the version no. in src/version/version.g.dart
  • Updates the pubspec.yaml with the new version no.
  • If you are using Git:
    • Generates a Git Tag using the new version no.
    • Generates release notes from commit messages since the last tag.
  • Allows you to edit the release notes.
  • Adds the release notes to CHANGELOG.MD along with the new version no.
  • Publishes the package to

creating a release #

To update the version no. and publish your project run:


The pub_release command will:

  • prompt you to select the new version number
  • update pubspec.yaml with the new version no.
  • create/udpate a version file in src/util/version.g.dart
  • format your code with dartfmt
  • analyze you code with dartanalyzer
  • Generate a default change log entry using your commit history
  • Allow you to edit the resulting change log.
  • push all commits to git
  • run any scripts found in the pre_release_hook directory.
  • publish your project to
  • run any scripts found in the post_release_hook directory.

Hooks #

pub_release supports the concept of pre and post release hooks.

A hook is simply a script that is run before or after the release is pushed to

Hooks live in the following directories:

  • <project root>/tool/pre_release_hook
  • <project root>/tool/post_release_hook

Where the project root is the directory where your pubspec.yaml lives.

You can include any number of scripts in each of these diretories and they will be run in alphabetical order.

To create a git hub release run:

github_release -u

If you want to automate the creating of the git release as put of you pub release then add the following dcli script to a directory called:


(under you projects root directory)

#! /usr/bin/env dcli

import 'package:dcli/dcli.dart';

void main(List<String> args) {
  var username = '<github username>';
  var apiToken = '<git hub api token>';
  var owner = '<repo owner>';
  var repository = '<github repo>';

  'github_release -u $username --apiToken $apiToken --owner $owner --repository $repository --suffix linux'
      .start(workingDirectory: Script.current.pathToProjectRoot);

You will need to obtain a github personal access token:

You will need to install dcli via:

pub global activate dcli
dcli install

Don't panic if the dcli install fails it is still a work in progress but it will get far enough to meet pub_release's requirements.

automating releases #

You can automate the creation of git release tags from a github workflow via:

  • github_workflow_release
name: Release executables for Linux

#    tags:
#      - '*'
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      image:  google/dart:latest

    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: setup paths
      run: export PATH="${PATH}":/usr/lib/dart/bin:"${HOME}/.pub-cache/bin"
    - name: install pub_release
      run: pub global activate pub_release
    - name: Create release
        APITOKEN:  ${{ secrets.APITOKEN }}
      run: github_workflow_release --username <user> --apiToken "$APITOKEN" --owner <owner> --repository <repo> --suffix linux 

You need to update the <user>, <owner> and <repo> with the appropriate github values.

You also need to add you personal api token as a secret in github

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Automates the release of a dart package to including running dartfmt, creating a git tag, incrementing the packages version no. and pushing the package to

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