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An API Client for Pub to interact with public package information.


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An unofficial API client for #

Aims to be the most complete and stable API client. If any particular endpoint is missing please open an issue.

Table of contents #

Usage #

A simple usage example:

import 'package:pub_api_client/pub_api_client.dart';

main() {
  final client =  PubClient();


Packages #

Get Package Info

Retrieves all available information about an specific package.

final package =  await client.packageInfo('pkg_name');

Get Package Score

Returns the following score information about a package.

  • Pub Points
  • Popularity
  • Likes
final score =  await client.packageScore('pkg_name');

Get Package Metrics

The method 'packageMetrics' returns the package 'score' together with a 'scorecard'

final metrics =  await client.packageMetrics('pkg_name');

Get Package Versions

The method 'packageVersions' also returns the versions. However if all you need is versions use this method since it's lighter.

final versions =  await client.packageVersions('pkg_name');

Get Package Version Info

The method packageVersionInfo returns information about a version of a specific package.

final version =  await client.packageVersionInfo('pkg_name', 'version');

Get Package Publisher

The method packagePublisher returns the publisherId of a specific package.

final publisher =  await client.packagePublisher('pkg_name');
// publisher.publisherId

Get Package Options

The method packageOptions returns options of a package.

final options =  await client.packageOptions('pkg_name');

Get Documentation

The method documentation returns all versions and their respective documentation status.

final documentation =  await client.documentation('pkg_name');

Like Packages #

All requests for likes require authentication.

List liked packages

Displays list of of packages you have liked. Returns list of packageLikes

final likes =  await client.listPackageLikes();

Package Like Status

Returns like status of a package.

final like =  await client.likePackageStatus();

Like a Package

Likes a package. The method returns packageLike payload

final like =  await client.likePackage('pkg_name');

Unlike a Package

Unlikes a package. The method returns packageLike payload

final like =  await client.unlikePackage('pkg_name');

Search Packages #

Search for packages on Will return the packages that match the query. You can filter the search to a specific publisher, or packages with a certain dependency.

final results =  await'query', publisher:'publisher_id', dependency:'dependency_name');
// Returns the packages that match the query

Sorting search results

You are able to sort search results by the following:


Search score should be a weighted value of [text], [popularity], [points] and [like], ordered decreasing.


Search score should depend only on text match similarity, ordered decreasing.


Search order should be in decreasing last package creation time.


Search order should be in decreasing last package updated time.


Search order should be in decreasing popularity score.


Search order should be in decreasing like count.


Search order should be in decreasing pub points.

final results =  await'query', sort: SearchOrder.updated);


Paging Search Results

You are able to page search results.

final results =  await'query');
final nextResults = await results.nextPage();


If you want to retrieve a specific result page you can call the page parameter directly.

final results =  await'query',page:2);

Utilities #

Flutter Favorites #

Returns all Flutter favorites on

final results = await client.fetchFlutterFavorites();

Google Packages #

Returns all official Google packages. This will be a large payload with hundreds of packages.

final results = await client.fetchGooglePackages();

Publisher Packages #

Returns all packages for a specific publisher

final results = await client.fetchPublisherPackages();

Update Notification #

Custom Update Notification

final latest =  await client.checkLatest('pkg_name', currentVersion:'current_version');
// Returns the packages that match the query
print(latest.needUpdate) // bool if package needs update
print(latest.packageInfo) // Returns information about the package
print(latest.latestVersion) // Returns the latest version of the package.

This package has a helper method if you want to notify users of your CLI of a newer version. In order to check for update you have to provide currentVersion.

Check Update Printer #

Snippet for implementation of check update functionality

/// Checks and prints if [currentVersion] of a [package]
/// is not the latest version.

Future<bool> checkUpdatePrinter(
  String package, {
  required String currentVersion,
}) async {
  final latest = await PubClient().checkLatest(
    currentVersion: currentVersion,
  final latestVersion = latest.latestVersion;

  if (latest.needUpdate) {
      'Update Available for $package: $currentVersion → $latestVersion',
    print('Changelog: ${latest.packageInfo.changelogUrl}');

  return latest.needUpdate;

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An API Client for Pub to interact with public package information.



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freezed_annotation, http, json_annotation, oauth2, path, pubspec


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