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An API Client for Pub to interact with public package information.


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An unofficial API client for #

Aims to be the most complete and stable API client. If any particular endpoint is missing please open an issue.

Table of contents #

Usage #

A simple usage example:

import 'package:pub_api_client/pub_api_client.dart';

main() {
  final client =  PubClient();


Packages #

Get Package Info

Retrieves all available information about an specific package.

final package =  await client.packageInfo('pkg_name');

Get Package Score

Returns the following score information about a package.

  • Pub Points
  • Popularity
  • Likes
final score =  await client.packageScore('pkg_name');

Get Package Metrics

The method 'packageMetrics' returns the package 'score' together with a 'scorecard'

final metrics =  await client.packageMetrics('pkg_name');

Get Package Versions

The method 'packageVersions' also returns the versions. However if all you need is versions use this method since it's lighter.

final versions =  await client.packageVersions('pkg_name');

Get Package Version Info

The method packageVersionInfo returns information about a version of a specific package.

final version =  await client.packageVersionInfo('pkg_name', 'version');

Get Package Publisher

The method packagePublisher returns the publisherId of a specific package.

final publisher =  await client.packagePublisher('pkg_name');
// publisher.publisherId

Get Package Options

The method packageOptions returns options of a package.

final options =  await client.packageOptions('pkg_name');

Get Documentation

The method documentation returns all versions and their respective documentation status.

final documentation =  await client.documentation('pkg_name');

Like Packages #

All requests for likes require authentication.

List liked packages

Displays list of of packages you have liked. Returns list of packageLikes

final likes =  await client.listPackageLikes();

Package Like Status

Returns like status of a package.

final like =  await client.likePackageStatus();

Like a Package

Likes a package. The method returns packageLike payload

final like =  await client.likePackage('pkg_name');

Unlike a Package

Unlikes a package. The method returns packageLike payload

final like =  await client.unlikePackage('pkg_name');

Search Packages #

Search for packages on Will return the packages that match the query. You can filter the search to a specific publisher, or packages with a certain dependency.

final results =  await'query', publisher:'publisher_id', dependency:'dependency_name');
// Returns the packages that match the query

Paging Search Results

You are able to page search results.

final results =  await'query');
final nextResults = await results.nextPage();


If you want to retrieve a specific result page you can call the page parameter directly.

final results =  await'query',page:2);

Utilities #

Update Notification #

Custom Update Notification

final latest =  await client.checkLatest('pkg_name', currentVersion:'current_version');
// Returns the packages that match the query
print(latest.needUpdate) // bool if package needs update
print(latest.packageInfo) // Returns information about the package
print(latest.latestVersion) // Returns the latest version of the package.

This package has a helper method if you want to notify users of your CLI of a newer version. In order to check for update you have to provide currentVersion.

Check Update Printer #

Snippet for implementation of check update functionality

/// Checks and prints if [currentVersion] of a [package]
/// is not the latest version.

Future<bool> checkUpdatePrinter(
  String package, {
  required String currentVersion,
}) async {
  final latest = await PubClient().checkLatest(
    currentVersion: currentVersion,
  final latestVersion = latest.latestVersion;

  if (latest.needUpdate) {
      'Update Available for $package: $currentVersion → $latestVersion',
    print('Changelog: ${latest.packageInfo.changelogUrl}');

  return latest.needUpdate;

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An API Client for Pub to interact with public package information.

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freezed_annotation, http, json_annotation, oauth2, path, pubspec


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