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The official Flutter plugin for PhotoEditor SDK.

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Flutter plugin for PhotoEditor SDK #

Getting started #

Add the plugin package to the pubspec.yaml file in your project:

  photo_editor_sdk: ^1.0.1

Install the new dependency:

flutter pub get

Android #

  1. Add the repository and plugin by opening the android/build.gradle file (not android/app/build.gradle) and adding these lines at the top:

    buildscript {
        repositories {
            maven { url "" }
        dependencies {
            classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:1.4.10"
            classpath ''

    In order to update PhotoEditor SDK for Android replace the version string 8.0.9 with a newer release.

  2. Configure PhotoEditor SDK for Android by opening the android/app/build.gradle file (not android/build.gradle) and adding the following lines under apply plugin: "":

    apply plugin: ''
    apply plugin: 'kotlin-android'
    // Comment out the modules you don't need, to save size.
    imglyConfig {
        modules {
            include 'ui:text'
            include 'ui:focus'
            include 'ui:frame'
            include 'ui:brush'
            include 'ui:filter'
            include 'ui:sticker'
            include 'ui:overlay'
            include 'ui:transform'
            include 'ui:adjustment'
            include 'ui:text-design'
            // This module is big, remove the serializer if you don't need that feature.
            include 'backend:serializer'
            // Remove the asset packs you don't need, these are also big in size.
            include 'assets:font-basic'
            include 'assets:frame-basic'
            include 'assets:filter-basic'
            include 'assets:overlay-basic'
            include 'assets:sticker-shapes'
            include 'assets:sticker-emoticons'
            include 'backend:sticker-smart'

Usage #

Import the packages in your main.dart:

import 'package:photo_editor_sdk/photo_editor_sdk.dart';
import 'package:imgly_sdk/imgly_sdk.dart';

Each platform requires a separate license file. Unlock PhotoEditor SDK with a single line of code for both platforms via platform-specific file extensions.

Rename your license files:

  • Android license:
  • iOS license: pesdk_license.ios

Pass the file path without the extension to the unlockWithLicense function to unlock both iOS and Android:


Open the editor with an image:

PESDK.openEditor(image: "assets/image.jpg");

Please see the API documentation for more details and additional customization and configuration options.

Example #

Please see our example project which demonstrates how to use the Flutter plugin for PhotoEditor SDK.

License Terms #

Make sure you have a commercial license for PhotoEditor SDK before releasing your app. A commercial license is required for any app or service that has any form of monetization: This includes free apps with in-app purchases or ad supported applications. Please contact us if you want to purchase the commercial license.

Support and License #

Use our service desk for bug reports or support requests. To request a commercial license, please use the license request form on our website.

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The official Flutter plugin for PhotoEditor SDK.

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