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Package for OPH Core functions

oph_core #

Package for integrate OPH API to Flutter. This package support for Android and Web version.

For OPH, please check https://operahouse.dev

Installation #

//put in pubspec.yaml
oph_core: ^0.0.1

//put in every dart file you need:
import 'package:oph_core/oph_core.dart';

Example: #

Init #

Put this in main.dart:

    serverURL: <server name>,
    indexURL: <index path>,
    apiURL: <api path>,
    autosuggestURL: <autosuggest path>,
    reportURL: <report path>,
    documentURL: <document path>,
    rootAccountId: <root account>,
    color1: <OPH color theme 1>,
    color2: <OPH color theme 2>,
    color3: <OPH color theme 3>,
    color4: <OPH color theme 4>,
    imgRatio: <image ratio>);

Load current preset: #

Preset p = Oph.curPreset;

Login #

Oph.auth().setSuba(<sub account>);
Oph.auth().setUserId(<user id>);
bool _result = await Oph.auth().login();

Load and retrieve data: #

Put these before you use it:

//add to list
Oph.addToList('<name>', '<code>', s: <state>, r: <nb rows>);

//get datalist
BrowseList d = Oph.getList('<name>');

await Oph.fetchData('<name>', isForced: <true/false>, q: <search keyword>);

//get data rows
BrowseRows r = Oph.getList('<name>').getBrowseRow();

//get field value
Oph.getValFromCaption(row, '<field name>')