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A wrapper for network requests.

Network Wrapper #

pub package

Package that encapsulates the network service in a separate module independent of the application.

Using #

The easiest way to use this library is to call the NetworkWrapper class as follows. This requires an object of type UrlRequest to be passed with everything passed as a parameter.

import 'package:network_wrapper/network_wrapper.dart';

final network = NetworkWrapper();

final request = UrlRequest.fromStringUrl('');
final jsonResponse = await network.getRequest(request);
final AlbumModel album = AlbumModel.fromJson(jsonResponse);

If you want to build a multipart request you must use MultipartUrlRequest passing a object MethodRequest with the request type, as well as the files and parameters as the following maps:

import 'package:network_wrapper/network_wrapper.dart';

final network = NetworkWrapper();

Map<String, String> _filesMultipartRequest(File image) {
  return <String, String>{"file": image.path};

Map<String, dynamic> _fieldsMultipartRequest(
    String userIdentifier, String tenantIdentifier) {
  return <String, dynamic>{
    "_id": _userId,
    "_name": _userName

final request = MultipartUrlRequest.fromStringUrl('',
    MethodRequest.POST, filesMultipart: _filesMultipartRequest, fieldsMultipart: _fieldsMultipartRequest);
final jsonResponse = await network.multipartRequest(request);
final ResponseModel model = ResponseModel.fromJson(jsonResponse);