Network Wrapper

pub package

Package that encapsulates the network service in a separate module independent of the application.


The easiest way to use this library is to call the NetworkWrapper class as follows. This requires an object of type UrlRequest to be passed with everything passed as a parameter.

import 'package:network_wrapper/network_wrapper.dart';

final network = NetworkWrapper();

final request = UrlRequest.fromStringUrl('');
final jsonResponse = await network.getRequest(request);
final AlbumModel album = AlbumModel.fromJson(jsonResponse);

If you want to build a multipart request you must use MultipartUrlRequest passing a object MethodRequest with the request type, as well as the files and parameters as the following maps:

import 'package:network_wrapper/network_wrapper.dart';

final network = NetworkWrapper();

Map<String, String> _filesMultipartRequest(File image) {
  return <String, String>{"file": image.path};

Map<String, dynamic> _fieldsMultipartRequest(
    String userIdentifier, String tenantIdentifier) {
  return <String, dynamic>{
    "_id": _userId,
    "_name": _userName

final request = MultipartUrlRequest.fromStringUrl('',
    MethodRequest.POST, filesMultipart: _filesMultipartRequest, fieldsMultipart: _fieldsMultipartRequest);
final jsonResponse = await network.multipartRequest(request);
final ResponseModel model = ResponseModel.fromJson(jsonResponse);