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A flutter plugin of the creator used to create MediaProjection for Android

MediaProjection Creator #

pub package

A flutter plugin of the creator used to create MediaProjection instance (with requesting permission) for Android

Note: Only support Android

iOS #

If you need to implement screen capture on iOS, I have also developed two helpful plugins:

  1. ReplayKit Launcher: A flutter plugin of the launcher used to open RPSystemBroadcastPickerView for iOS

  2. Shared preferences with App Group: Shared preference supporting iOS App Group capability (using -[NSUserDefaults initWithSuiteName:])

Usage #

To use this plugin, add media_projection_creator as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Example #

  • Flutter
int errorCode = await MediaProjectionCreator.createMediaProjection();
if (errorCode == MediaProjectionCreator.ERROR_CODE_SUCCEED) {
    print('createMediaProjection succeed');
  • Android
public class MainActivity extends FlutterActivity {

    private static MediaProjection mediaProjection;

    protected void onCreate(@Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        /// Example: developers should call this method to set callback,
        /// when dart call `createMediaProjection`, it would be return a MediaProjection through this callback

        /// Customize the media projection foreground notification style (available since Android Q)
        /// If not set, it will be the system default style
        RequestMediaProjectionPermissionManager.getInstance().setForegroundServiceNotificationStyle(R.mipmap.ic_launcher, "Screen is being captured");

    private final MediaProjectionCreatorCallback mediaProjectionCreatorCallback = new MediaProjectionCreatorCallback() {

        public void onMediaProjectionCreated(MediaProjection projection, int errorCode) {
            if (errorCode == RequestMediaProjectionPermissionManager.ERROR_CODE_SUCCEED) {
                Log.i("MEDIA_PROJECTION_CREATOR", "Create media projection succeeded!");
                mediaProjection = projection;
            } else if (errorCode == RequestMediaProjectionPermissionManager.ERROR_CODE_FAILED_USER_CANCELED) {
                Log.e("MEDIA_PROJECTION_CREATOR", "Create media projection failed because can not get permission");
            } else if (errorCode == RequestMediaProjectionPermissionManager.ERROR_CODE_FAILED_SYSTEM_VERSION_TOO_LOW) {
                Log.e("MEDIA_PROJECTION_CREATOR", "Create media projection failed because system api level is lower than 21");

Please see the example app of this plugin for a full example.

Another practical demo #

This demo implements screen live broadcast on iOS/Android by using the ZEGO Express Audio and Video Flutter SDK

Contributing #

Everyone is welcome to contribute code via pull requests, to help people asking for help, to add to our documentation, or to help out in any other way.

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A flutter plugin of the creator used to create MediaProjection for Android



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