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The Official Flutter SDK from for vehicle inspection

The Official Inspection SDK #

MCA package for inspecting vehicles, supports both iOS and Android platforms.

Features #

Full Vehicle Inspection

Getting started #

  1. Add package mca_official_inspection_sdk to your pubspec.yaml file
  2. Run flutter pub get

Usage #

import 'package:mca_official_inspection_sdk/views/inspection.dart';

    var token = "<YOUR_TOKEN>";
    final inspection = MyCoverInspection(
        context: context,
        email: '',
        token: token,
        providerId: '',
        distributorId: '',
        customerId: '',
        productId: '',
        policyId: '52e66198-0028-4958-80b5-1cb9c5a8ca73',
        typeOfInspection: InspectionType.preClaim);