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Flutter widgets and themes implementing the current macOS design language.

[2.0.0] #

🚨 Breaking Changes 🚨 #

  • macos_ui has been migrated to utilize macos_window_utils under the hood, which provides the following benefits:

    • Window animation smoothness is drastically improved, particularly when miniaturizing and deminiaturizing the application window.
    • Some visual artifacts that occurred while the window was being (de)miniaturized (such as the application's shadow going missing) no longer occur.
    • The sidebar remains transparent when the app's brightness setting mismatches the OS setting.
    • Wallpaper tinting is now supported.
    • To migrate an existing application, please refer to the β€œModern window look” section in the README.
  • Support for Flutter 3.10 and Dart 3

  • PushButton has been updated to support the ControlSize enum.

    • The buttonSize property has been changed to controlSize.
    • Buttons can now be any of the following sizes: mini, small, regular, or large.
  • PushButton.isSecondary is now PushButton.secondary.

  • MacosAlertDialog: primaryButton and secondaryButton are now declared to be of type PushButton.

  • RelevanceIndicator has been deprecated

  • MacosTypography white and black are now factory constructors called darkOpaque() and lightOpaque() to reflect Apple's naming conventions.

✨ New ✨ #

  • MacosSwitch has been completely rewritten and now matches the native macOS switch in appearance and behavior.
  • A ControlSize enum has been introduced, which will allow widgets to more closely match their native counterparts.
  • MacosTypography
    • You can now call MacosTypography.of(context) as a shorthand for retrieving the typography used in your MacosTheme.
    • MacosFontWeight allows using Apple-specific font weights like w510, w590, and w860.
  • Localization
    • Added support for weekdayAbbreviations and monthAbbreviations to MacosDatePicker.
    • Added support for dateFormat to MacosDatePicker.
    • Added support for startWeekOnMonday to MacosDatePicker.

πŸ”„ Updated πŸ”„ #

  • MacosColor has been updated with some previously missing elements.
  • PushButton
    • Now uses the correct body text style instead of the incorrect headline
  • PushButton's secondary and disabled colors more closely match their native counterparts.
  • MacosCheckbox appearance more closely matches its native counterpart.
  • MacosAlertDialog
    • primaryButton and secondaryButton are now required to have controlSizes of ControlSize.large.
    • Docs now suggest that appIcon should be of size 64x64.
  • Toolbar now uses the correct title3 text style instead of the incorrect headline
  • MacosTheme sets the global typography more efficiently
  • HelpButton now sizes itself according to specification
  • ResizablePane can now disallow the usage of its internal scrollbar via the ReziablePane.noScrollBar constructor.

πŸ› οΈ Fixed πŸ› οΈ #

  • Clicking on the calendar elements in MacosDatePicker has better UX
  • ToolBars in use where a SideBar is not present will now have their title's avoid the traffic lights (native window controls).
  • MacosTypography.darkOpaque() and MacosTypography.lightOpaque() now conform to specification by using MacosColors.labelColor
  • Ensure builds targeting web do not utilize any macos_window_utils code
  • Ensure builds targeting web are themed correctly

[1.12.5] #

  • Fixed a bug where the Sidebar.key parameter wasn't used, which caused certain layouts to be unachievable.

[1.12.4] #

[1.12.3] #

  • Added support for routerConfig to MacosApp.router. (#388)

[1.12.2] #

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a overflowed toolbar item with a navigation callback wouldn't work (#346).

[1.12.1+1] #

  • Fixed a typo in the December abbreviation displayed in the MacosDatePicker.

[1.12.1] #

  • Fix SidebarItem's leading icons not respecting the theme's primary color

[1.12.0] #

✨ New widget: SliverToolBar

[1.11.1] #

  • Fixed an issue where the MacosSearchField would not perform an action when an item was selected.

[1.11.0] #

  • 🚨 Breaking Changes 🚨
  • ResizablePane can now be vertically resized
    • ResizablePane.startWidth has been changed to ResizablePane.startSize
    • ResizablePane.minWidth has been changed to ResizablePane.minSize
    • ResizablePane.maxWidth has been changed to ResizablePane.maxSize

[1.10.0] #

🚨 Breaking Changes 🚨

  • MacosScrollbar has been completely overhauled and now resembles the native macOS scrollbar in appearance and behavior. Previously, it wrapped the material scrollbar, and now creates a custom scrollbar that extends RawScrollbar. This resulted in the removal of several material-based properties for the scrollbar, and ContentArea.builder is once again a ScrollableWidgetBuilder! πŸŽ‰
  • Removed material-based scrollbar properties from MacosScrollbarThemeData

Other changes:

  • Added implementation of MacosDisclosureButton
  • Fixed a bug where CapacityIndicator only worked correctly for splits = 10

[1.9.1] #

  • Adds optional initialDate to MacosDatePicker

[1.9.0] #

  • Implement MacosSlider

[1.8.0] #

🚨 Breaking Changes 🚨

  • ContentArea.builder has been changed from a ScrollableWidgetBuilder to a WidgetBuilder due to changes in Flutter 3.7. The MacosScrollbar widget needs to undergo radical changes in order to achieve the native macOS scrollbar look and feel in the future, so this will be revisited at that time.

Other changes:

  • Per Flutter 3.7.0: Replace deprecated MacosTextField.toolbarOptions with MacosTextField.contextMenuBuilder
  • Ensure the color panel releases when it is closed
  • Avoid render overflows in the Sidebar when the window height is resized below a certain threshold (#325)
  • Update MacosScrollbar.thumbVisibility with the latest change introduced in Flutter 3.7
  • Update to address issues #325 & #332

[1.7.6] #

  • Fixed a bug where MacosPopupButton would report that a ScrollController was not attached to any views

[1.7.5] #

  • Addressed Flutter 3.3 analyzer warnings

[1.7.4] #

  • Added backgroundColor to MacosSheet

[1.7.3] #

  • Fixed an issue where the title property of TitleBar did not apply a fitting DefaultTextStyle

[1.7.2] #

  • Added padding as parameter to MacosTabView constructor.

[1.7.1] #

  • Fixed an issue where end sidebar window breakpoints were not respected

[1.7.0] #

  • ✨ New
    • MacosImageIcon widget. Identical to the ImageIcon from flutter/widgets.dart except it will obey a MacosIconThemeData instead of an IconThemeData
    • SidebarItemSize enum, which determines the height of sidebar items and the maximum size their leading widgets.
    • SidebarItem now accepts an optional trailing widget.
  • πŸ”„ Updated
    • SidebarItems now supports SidebarItemSize via the itemSize property, which defaults to SidebarItemSize.medium. The widget has been updated to manage the item's height, the maximum size of the item's leading widget, and the font size of the item's label widget according to the given SidebarItemSize.
    • The example app has been tweaked to use some icons from the SF Symbols 4 Beta via the new MacosImageIcon widget.

[1.6.0] #

  • New widgets: MacosTabView and MacosTabView
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Label.yAxis has been renamed to Label.crossAxisAlignment
  • BREAKING CHANGE: TooltipTheme and TooltipThemeData have been renamed to MacosTooltipTheme and MacosTooltipThemeData

[1.5.1] #

  • Correct the placement of the leading widget in disclosure sidebar items #268
  • Improve the sizing of the disclosure item indicator

[1.5.0] #

  • Adds endSidebar to MacosWindow

[1.4.2] #

  • Fixes RenderFlex overflowed in MacosListTile #264

[1.4.1+1] #

  • Update pubspec.yaml with repository and new homepage field.

[1.4.1] #

  • Fixes an issue where if the app was displayed in full screen mode, an opaque empty toolbar would appear at the top #249

[1.4.0] #

  • Migration to Flutter 3.0
    • Minimum dart sdk version is now 2.17.0
    • Use new super parameters feature
    • Update to flutter_lints: ^2.0.1 with subsequent fixes
    • MacosScrollbar API more closely matches its material counterpart
  • Update MacosColor to more closely match the Color class
    • Adds MacosColor.fromARGB constructor
    • Adds MacosColor.fromRGBO constructor
    • Adds alphaBlend function
    • Adds getAlphaFromOpacity function

[1.3.0] #

  • Add a top property to Sidebar
  • Tweak the default primaryColor value in MacosThemeData.

[1.2.1+1] #

  • Fix MacosApp documentation

[1.2.1] #

  • Fixes issue with error thrown when toolbar actions are modified programmatically #239

[1.2.0] #

  • Improved styling for MacosTooltip:
    • Better color and shadows.
    • Displays left-aligned, below the mouse cursor.
  • New widget: ToolBarDivider that can be used as a divider (vertical/horizontal line) in the ToolBar #231.
  • All toolbar widgets can now receive a tooltipMessage property to display a MacosTooltip when user hovers over them #232.

[1.1.0+1] #

  • Minor improvements to

[1.1.0] #

  • New functionality for MacosSearchField
    • Shows a list of search results in an overlay below the field
    • A result can be selected and customized.
  • A MacosOverlayFilter widget can now be used to apply the blurry "frosted glass" effect on surfaces.
  • New widget: CustomToolbarItem that enables any widget to be used in the Toolbar.

[1.0.1] #

  • Improvements to the graphical MacosTimePicker
    • Better color gradient on the border
    • Better inner shadow
    • Minor size adjustments
    • API improvements
  • Throw an exception if MacosColorWell is clicked on a non-macOS platform

[1.0.0+1] #

  • Minor documentation fix for [MacosColorWell]

[1.0.0] #

  • First stable release πŸŽ‰

[0.16.0] #

  • New widget: MacosTimePicker (textual style only!)

[0.15.0] #

  • New widget: MacosColorWell

[0.14.0] #

  • New widget: ToolBar, which can be used to create a toolbar at the top of the MacosScaffold. Toolbar items include ToolBarIconButton, ToolBarPulldownButton, and ToolBarSpacer widgets.
  • New widget: MacosSearchField, which creates a macOS-style search field.
  • Breaking change: the title bar (TitleBar) should now be set via the titlebar property of MacosWindow (was previously a property of MacosScaffold). If you are using a title bar in your app, please note a small change you would need to make in your macos/Runner/MainFlutterWindow.swift file, described in the "Modern window look" section of the README file.
  • Fix the graphical version of MacosDatePicker having an incorrect current day text color in light theme

[0.13.1] #

  • Minor style fixes for MacosTextField

[0.13.0] #

  • New widget: MacosDatePicker

[0.12.4+3] #

  • Move theme classes to their own files in the /theme directory

[0.12.4+2] #

  • Switch over to flutter_lints

[0.12.4+1] #

  • Improve visual design of MacosPopupButton and MacosPulldownButton, to better match the styling and translucency effect of Apple design.
  • Remove unnecessary properties of MacosPopupButton

[0.12.4] #

  • New widget: MacosPulldownButton, which can be used as a dropdown for selecting actions with either text or an icon as its title.

[0.12.3+1] #

  • Fix padding on MacosAlertDialog when supress is null #188

[0.12.3] #

  • Remove MacosScrollbar from ContentArea widget (fixes #170)
  • Remove useless bundled fonts (fixes #187)
  • Allow users to customize the mouse cursor for sidebar items (fixes #181)
  • Fix active sidebar item icon color (fixes #190)

[0.12.2+2] #

  • Added padding property to MacosIconButton and MacosIconButtonTheme.

[0.12.2+1] #

  • Adds missing merge methods to MacosThemeData and widget ThemeData classes, making it possible to use them properly with any number of user-provided custom properties.

[0.12.2] #

  • Fixes MacosThemeData to properly apply user-defined pushButtonTheme, helpButtonTheme, and tooltipTheme properties.

[0.12.1] #

  • Sidebar and ResizablePane more precisely track cursor location
  • Sidebar can now be closed by dragging below its minWidth
  • Sidebar can now be configured to snap into place when dragged near its startWidth

[0.12.0+1] #

  • Reverts bundling the native_context_menu plugin per #179

[0.12.0] #

  • New Widget: MacosPopupButton

[0.10.2] #

  • Updates to MacosIconButton and MacosBackButton:
    • Added a hover effect when mouse moves over the buttons (#168)
    • Added hoverColor property.
    • Default shape is now BoxShape.rectangle with border radius, as it seems to be the most used in macOS design.

[0.10.1] #

  • Added support for transparent sidebar. Please note that changes to MainFlutterWindow.swift are required for this to work. (#175)

[0.10.0+1] #

  • Update native_context_menu dependency

[0.10.0] #

  • New widget - MacosIcon! MacosIcon is identical to regular icons, with the exception that it respects a MacosTheme. Also includes corresponding theme classes
  • MacosThemeData now sets a global, configurable iconTheme for MacosIcons

[0.9.3] #

  • Update to PushButton:
    • Added isSecondary property

[0.9.2] #

  • Nearly all MouseRegions have been updated to use SystemMouseCursors.basic in order to more closely adhere to Apple norms
  • mouseCursor properties have been added to most buttons

[0.9.1] #

  • Added top-level theming for MacosIconButton
    • Introduces the MacosIconButtonTheme InheritedTheme and the MacosIconButtonThemeData theme class
  • Updates MacosThemeData and MacosIconButton to use the new MacosIconButtonThemeData
  • Removes an unnecessary setting of VisualDensity from MacosThemeData.dark()

[0.9.0] #

[0.8.2] #

  • Updates to MacosListTile:
    • Added leadingWhitespace property
    • Added onClick callback
    • Added onLongPress callback
    • Added mouseCursor property

[0.8.1] #

  • Fix the outer border of MacosSheet not having a border radius

[0.8.0] #

  • New Widget: MacoSheet
  • New Widget: MacosListTile

[0.7.3] #

  • Fixed bug where cursor would not change caret location on mouse click

[0.7.2] #

  • Upgraded various copyWith functions
  • Added == and hashCode to various classes

[0.7.1] #

  • Add generics support to MacosRadioButton - Thank you, Sacha Arbonel!

[0.7.0+2] #

  • Add note in docs that a Builder is required for manual sidebar toggling to work.

[0.7.0+1] #

  • Fix docs for PushButtonThemeData
  • Update dart_code_metrics dependency

[0.7.0] #

  • Adds: MacosWindow
  • Improved MacosScaffold

[0.6.2] #

  • Chore: Remove box shadows from MacosIconButton

[0.6.1] #

  • Fix builder property in MacosApp never being used (#148)

[0.6.0] #

  • Improved MacosAlertDialog design
  • Added showMacosAlertDialog to display a MacosAlertDialog with standard macOS animations and behaviour.

[0.5.2] #

  • Fixes maximum height issue with MacosAlertDialog

[0.5.1] #

  • Adds suppress widget parameter to MacosAlertDialog

[0.5.0] #

  • Adds MacosAlertDialog

[0.4.2] #

  • Add bottom Item to Sidebar

[0.4.1] #

  • Update MacosColors
  • Fix Label alignment

[0.4.0] #

  • Adds the SidebarItem widget
  • Fixes an alignment issue with MacosTextField

[0.3.0] #

  • Add MacosPrefix to widgets/classes with names that overlap with the material/cupertino libraries:
    • TextField -> MacosTextField
    • Scaffold -> MacosTextField
    • IconButton -> MacosIconButton
    • BackButton -> MacosBackButton
    • Scrollbar -> MacosScrollbar
    • Checkbox -> MacosCheckbox
    • RadioButton -> MacosRadioButton
    • Tooltip -> MacosTooltip
    • Typography -> MacosTypography
    • Switch -> MacosSwitch

[0.2.4] #

  • Fix text field prefix icon alignment

[0.2.3] #

  • Add canvasColor to MacosThemeData. Scaffold now uses this as its default background color.

[0.2.2] #

  • Add new MacosColor and MacosColors classes
  • Rename colors.dart to macos_dynamic_color

[0.2.1] #

  • IconButton updates:
    • The color property is now backgroundColor
    • The widget now takes a Widget icon rather than IconData iconData for better control over widget properties
    • Deprecate and remove internal foregroundColor value

[0.2.0] #

  • New widget: BackButton, IconButton
  • Add VisualDensity to MacosThemeData
  • Ensure localizations get returned in MacosApp

[0.1.4] #

  • Add startWidth properties to ResizablePane and Sidebar
  • Implement Scrollbar
  • Implement MacosScrollBehavior

[0.1.3] #

  • Fix TextField on Flutter v2.2.0

[0.1.2] #

  • Updated the theme api
    • Properties in MacosThemeData and in Typography can't be null
    • Renamed DynamicColorX to MacosDynamicColor
    • Added the method lerp on all theme data classes.

[0.1.1] #

  • Implemented Label (#61)
  • Capacity Indicator now works as expected (#49)
  • Clear button is now aligned to text (#82)

[0.1.0] #

  • release

[0.0.13] #

  • Documentation for ScaffoldScope

[0.0.12] #

  • Implement Tooltip
  • Add mouse cursors to help button, push button and TextField

[0.0.11] #

  • Implement TextField

[0.0.10] #

  • Revamp Scaffold #26

[0.0.9+1] #

  • CapacityIndicator colors can now be set on its constructor
  • Accessibility support for most of the widgets
  • Diagnostics Properties (dev tools) for most of the widgets

[0.0.9] #

  • Implemented HelpButton
  • Fixed #49

[0.0.7] #

  • Implemented Checkbox
  • Implemented RadioButton

[0.0.6] #

  • Update Typography with correct letter spacing and font weights
  • Add brightnessOf and maybeBrightnessOf functions to MacosTheme

[0.0.5] #

  • Adds the PushButton widget along with PushButtonTheme and PushButtonThemeData
  • Removes the height property from Typography's TextStyles
  • Updates Typography.headline's weight and letter spacing

[0.0.4] #

  • Major theme refactor that more closely resembles flutter/material and flutter/cupertino
    • The Style class is now MacosThemeData
    • MacosTheme is now a StatelessWidget that returns a private _InheritedMacosTheme. The static MacosTheme.of(context) is now defined here.
    • MacosApp now takes a theme and darkTheme rather than style and darkStyle. Additionally, there are minor changes to the way MacosApp is built that more closely resemble how MaterialApp is built.

[0.0.3] #

  • Implemented Checkbox
  • Implemented ProgressCircle and ProgressBar
  • Implemented the Switch widget

[0.0.2] #

  • Scaffold widget
  • Fix Typography so that text color is shown appropriately based on Brightness

[0.0.1] #

  • Project creation
    • MacosApp widget
    • Basic Typography
    • Basic theming via MacosTheme and Style
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Flutter widgets and themes implementing the current macOS design language.

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