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Material Design 4 Dart

Change Log for m4d_core #

Material Design 4 Dart

Unreleased #

Feature #

  • Warning if Service is already registered d491e48
  • ServiceProvider acts as Singleton-Factory 2a5432a
  • Bind directly to Service - makes the whole thing typesafe 99296d3
  • Added helper function to convert a service to a string (serviceAsString) 2f2715a

Bugs #

  • ServiceProvider as Singleton for all registered types lead to TypeErrors 7bbac31
  • Servic-CTOR was not const 93db395

Refactor #

  • Removed global _container variable f57afce
  • Changed 'componentHandler().run to ...uprgrade() 7cdfdca

v0.2 - 2018-12-19 #

Feature #

  • ioc-Container is more typesafe a653946
  • IOC-Container can register Events 1b090bf
  • Added some DOM-Helper functions bfac090
  • Added ObservableProperty and ObservableList 7e0120a
  • ObservableProperty added 6e0f459

Docs #

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