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Flutter Android

A Flutter plugin to fetch GPS/ Network based Location Data Feed on Android.


locate #

A Flutter plugin to fetch GPS/ Network based Location Data Feed on Android.

locate v1.2.0 is readily availble for use.

intro #

locate can be used on Android for fetching Location Data Feed.

Two location service providers are available

  • Google Mobile Services i.e. GMS based FusedLocationProvider ( this is recommended )
  • Standard Android LocationManager ( in this case you get freedom to choose which provider to use )
    • Network provider
    • GPS provider

It has androidX support, along with latest version of all dependencies.

installation #

  • Add locate as dependency in in your flutter project's pubspec.yaml
  locate: ^1.2.0
  • Fetch flutter packages from pub.dev
$ flutter pub get
  • Import locate in your dart code & start getting location data feed
import 'package:locate/locate.dart';

usage #

permission #

  • First thing first, add permission declaration in your project's AndroidManifest.xml.

    • If you're planning to use Google Mobile Services based FusedLocationProvider, request for ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, which automagically selects location data source for you.
    • Otherwise you may only request for
      • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION ( GPS based location data )
      • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION ( Network based location data )
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_{FINE, COARSE}_LOCATION"/>


  • Get an intance of Locate.
var _locate = Locate();
  • Let's first request Location Access Permission from user.
_locate.requestLocationPermission().then((bool result) {
                  if (result)
                    // we're good to go
                    // let user know it's required
  • Time to enable Location.
_locate.enableLocation().then((bool result) {
                      if (result) {
                        // update UI & request *locate* for location Data
                        setState(() => _areWeGettingLocationUpdate = true);
                        // Location data will be fetched and delivered as Stream<MyLocation>
                        // user didn't enable location
  • Now we start getting Location Data Feed.
                            // we listen for location data, which is received as stream
                            (MyLocation data) =>
                                setState(() => _locationData.add(data)), // as soon as data received, will update UI/ perform some other task using location data.
                            cancelOnError: true,
                            onError: (e) => print(e),
  • Aah I just forgot to mention one thing, how to stop listening location update ?
_locate.stopLocationDataFeed().then((bool result) {
  // do some UI updation kind of work/ or something else

what's in MyLocation class ? #

  • MyLocation class can be thought of as a Location Data container & manipulator.
/// constructor of MyLocation
      this.time, // in DateTime
      this.altitude, // in meters
      this.bearing, // in degree
      this.speed, // in meters/s
      this.accuracy, // in meters
      this.verticalAccuracy, // in meters
      this.bearingAccuracy, // in meters
      this.speedAccuracy, // in meters/s
      this.provider, // as String,either gps/ network/ fused
  • I've added some companion methods which can be used from MyLocation, such as
// will fetch you name of direction of movement from bearing value

// m/s to km/h converion for speedaccuracy

/// same as above, but works on speed

/// displays time in pretty format

example #

Here's an example application using all these API(s).

notes #

You can also set some optional named parameters while invoking methods from Locate class.

While requesting permission, you can set provider

  • LocationProvider.Network, if you want to use Network based Location
  • LocationProvider.GPS, if you want to use GPS based Location [ default ]

Before requesting Location Data Feed, you can also set via which location manager to fetch data and location data provider name.

  • For LocationServiceProvider.GMSBasedLocation, make sure you've declared & requested for permission of accessing FINE Location.
  • Otherwise for LocationServiceProvider.LocationManagerBasedLocation as locationServiceProvider, you may use any of them, depending upon your declared & requested permissions.
    • LocationProvider.GPS
    • LocationProvider.Network
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A Flutter plugin to fetch GPS/ Network based Location Data Feed on Android.

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