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Manage your in-app subscriptions with the LinkFive plugin - The Easiest Implementation of Subscriptions.

1.5.0 #

Breaking change: fetchSubscriptions returns a Future<LinkFiveSubscriptionData?> instead of Future<List

LinkFiveSubscriptionData has List<LinkFiveProductDetails> linkFiveSkuData which contains the productDetail.

  • listenOnResponseData is now deprecated and won't be replaced.
  • LinkFiveVerifiedReceipt now has subscriptionDuration which containts the duration of the subscription. P1W, P1M, P3M, P6M, P1Y
  • Added some more documentation

1.4.0 #

Add Switch Plan functionality. You can now call LinkFivePurchases.switchPlan(...) to switch from one plan to another. Add more documentation

1.3.0 #

update to interface 0.0.7 return a Future<List

1.2.0 #

update to interface 0.0.6

  • It fetches the subscriptions on load call now update intl to 0.0.3 removed the unused android folder Prepared the package for the new LinkFive provider package

1.1.1 #

remove unused dependencies

1.1.0 #

add easy paywall ui integration. add provider example. add streambuilder example. add intl package. add interface package

1.0.1 #

  • fixed a bug where a purchase was not immediately processed as a purchase.

1.0.0 #

  • Initial and tested production release