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Manage your in-app subscriptions with the LinkFive plugin - The Easiest Implementation of Subscriptions.

The Easiest Implementation of Subscriptions for Flutter #

Add the plugin to your Flutter app:

 $ flutter pub add linkfive_purchases

Getting Started #

Initialize the SDK. Read our more detailed docs

LinkFivePurchases.init("LinkFive Api Key");

Get your API key after Sign up. It's free!

Fetch all available subscriptions from LinkFive. The result will be passed to the stream or returned as a Future. Fetch Docs


Subscription Streams #

LinkFive mainly uses streams to pass data to your application. Active Subscriptions Docs

// Stream of subscriptions to offer to the user

// Stream of active subscriptions

Purchase a Subscription #

Simply call purchase with the productDetails from the retrieved subscriptions. Purchase Docs

await LinkFivePurchases.purchase( productDetails );

Restore a Purchases #

All restored subscriptions will be available through the activeSubscription listener. Restore Docs


Switch from one subscription plan to another #

You can switch from one Subscription plan to another. Example: from currently a 1 month subscription to a 3 months subscription.

  • On iOS: you can only switch to a plan which is in the same Subscription Family

The Proration Mode is Google Only. On default, it replaces immediately the subscription and the remaining time will be prorated and credited to the user. You can specify a different proration mode.

  prorationMode: ProrationMode.immediateWithTimeProration

Provider usage #

We offer a Provider Plugin which you can implement and use out of the box or you can create your own provider.

LinkFive Provider Package #

Check out linkfive_purchases_provider

You just have to register the Provider with our API key and you're all set to use it

  providers: [
    // ...
      create: (context) => LinkFiveProvider("API_KEY"),
      lazy: false,

Provider example #

class LinkFiveProvider extends ChangeNotifier {
  LinkFivePurchasesMain linkFivePurchases = LinkFivePurchasesMain();

  LinkFiveSubscriptionData? linkFiveSubscriptionData = null;
  LinkFiveActiveSubscriptionData? linkFiveActiveSubscriptionData = null;

  List<StreamSubscription> _streams = [];

  LinkFiveProvider(Keys keys) {
    linkFivePurchases.init(keys.linkFiveApiKey, env: LinkFiveEnvironment.STAGING);

  void _subscriptionDataUpdate(LinkFiveSubscriptionData? data) async {
    linkFiveSubscriptionData = data;

  void _activeSubscriptionDataUpdate(LinkFiveActiveSubscriptionData? data) {
    linkFiveActiveSubscriptionData = data;

  void dispose() {
    _streams.forEach((element) async { await element.cancel(); });
    _streams = [];

StreamBuilder usage #

Show purchasable subscriptions

  stream: LinkFivePurchases.products,
  builder: (context, snapshot) {
    if (snapshot.hasData) {
      var subscriptionData =;
      if(subscriptionData != null) {
        // subscriptionData to offer
    return Center(child: Text('Loading...'));

Get Active Subscriptions

  stream: LinkFivePurchases.activeProducts,
  builder: (BuildContext context, snapshot) {
    if (snapshot.hasData) {
      var subscriptionData =;
      if (subscriptionData != null) {
        // Active subscriptionData
    return Center(child: Text('Loading...'));

Easy Integration with the Paywall UI package #

Integrate linkfive_purchases with package in_app_purchases_paywall_ui.

  • it's working with just passing the linkFive client to the UI library
  • Automatic purchase state management
  • The UI is fully customizable
  • You can control the UI on our Website

Purchase Page #

Simple Paywall

Success Page #

Simple Success page Paywall

Page State Management #

Simple Paywall Success state

Example usage with Paywall UI #

usage with in_app_purchases_paywall_ui.

// get LinkFivePurchases object from your provider or just create it
final linkFivePurchases = LinkFivePurchasesMain();

// get subscription data from your provider or from your stream (as described above)
LinkFiveSubscriptionData? linkFiveSubscriptionData = subscriptionData;

// you can use your own strings or use the intl package to automatically generate the subscription strings
final subscriptionListData = linkFiveSubscriptionData?.getSubscriptionData(context: context) ?? []

    // ...
    callbackInterface: linkFivePurchases,
    subscriptionListData: subscriptionListData,
    // ...

That‘s it. Now the page will automatically offer the subscriptions to the user or if the user already bought the subscription, the paywall will show the success page.