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Manage your in-app subscriptions with the LinkFive plugin - The Easiest Implementation of Subscriptions.

The Easiest Implementation of Subscriptions for Flutter #

Add the plugin to your Flutter app:

 $ flutter pub add linkfive_purchases

Getting Started #

Initialize the SDK. Read our more detailed docs

LinkFivePurchases.init("LinkFive Api Key");

Get your API key after Sign up. It's free!

Fetch all available subscriptions from LinkFive. The result will be passed to the stream or returned as a Future. Fetch Docs


Subscription Streams #

LinkFive mainly uses streams to pass data to your application. Active Subscriptions Docs

// Stream of subscriptions to offer to the user

// Stream of active subscriptions

Purchase a Subscription #

Simply call purchase with the productDetails from the retrieved subscriptions. Purchase Docs

await LinkFivePurchases.purchase( productDetails );

Restore a Purchases #

All restored subscriptions will be available through the activeSubscription listener. Restore Docs


Provider usage #

We offer a Provider Plugin which you can implement and use out of the box or you can create your own provider.

LinkFive Provider Package #

Check out linkfive_purchases_provider

You just have to register the Provider with our API key and you're all set to use it

  providers: [
    // ...
      create: (context) => LinkFiveProvider("API_KEY"),
      lazy: false,

Provider example #

class LinkFiveProvider extends ChangeNotifier {
  LinkFivePurchasesMain linkFivePurchases = LinkFivePurchasesMain();

  LinkFiveSubscriptionData? linkFiveSubscriptionData = null;
  LinkFiveActiveSubscriptionData? linkFiveActiveSubscriptionData = null;

  List<StreamSubscription> _streams = [];

  LinkFiveProvider(Keys keys) {
    linkFivePurchases.init(keys.linkFiveApiKey, env: LinkFiveEnvironment.STAGING);

  void _subscriptionDataUpdate(LinkFiveSubscriptionData? data) async {
    linkFiveSubscriptionData = data;

  void _activeSubscriptionDataUpdate(LinkFiveActiveSubscriptionData? data) {
    linkFiveActiveSubscriptionData = data;

  void dispose() {
    _streams.forEach((element) async { await element.cancel(); });
    _streams = [];

StreamBuilder usage #

Show purchasable subscriptions

  stream: LinkFivePurchases.listenOnSubscriptionData(),
  builder: (context, snapshot) {
    if (snapshot.hasData) {
      var subscriptionData =;
      if(subscriptionData != null) {
        // subscriptionData to offer
    return Center(child: Text('Loading...'));

Get Active Subscriptions

  stream: LinkFivePurchases.listenOnActiveSubscriptionData(),
  builder: (BuildContext context, snapshot) {
    if (snapshot.hasData) {
      var subscriptionData =;
      if (subscriptionData != null) {
        // Active subscriptionData
    return Center(child: Text('Loading...'));

Easy Integration with the Paywall UI package #

Integrate linkfive_purchases with package in_app_purchases_paywall_ui.

  • it's working with just passing the linkFive client to the UI library
  • Automatic purchase state management
  • The UI is fully customizable
  • You can control the UI on our Website

Purchase Page #

Simple Paywall

Success Page #

Simple Success page Paywall

Page State Management #

Simple Paywall Success state

Example usage with Paywall UI #

usage with in_app_purchases_paywall_ui.

// get LinkFivePurchases object from your provider or just create it
final linkFivePurchases = LinkFivePurchasesMain();

// get subscription data from your provider or from your stream (as described above)
LinkFiveSubscriptionData? linkFiveSubscriptionData = subscriptionData;

// you can use your own strings or use the intl package to automatically generate the subscription strings
final subscriptionListData = linkFiveSubscriptionData?.getSubscriptionData(context: context) ?? []

    // ...
    callbackInterface: linkFivePurchases,
    subscriptionListData: subscriptionListData,
    // ...

That‘s it. Now the page will automatically offer the subscriptions to the user or if the user already bought the subscription, the paywall will show the success page.