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A very fast link-checker. Crawls sites and checks integrity of links both in HTML and in CSS.

3.0.0 #

  • Require Dart 2.18 and support Dart 3
  • Rename library to linkcheck instead of
  • Update to the latest dependencies supporting sound null safety
  • Switch to Dart recommended lints (package:lints/recommended.yaml)
  • Use objects instead of maps to communicate between isolates

2.0.23 #

  • Fix another issue with building artifacts through grindr/cli_pkg

2.0.22 #

  • Fix issue with building artifacts through grindr/cli_pkg

2.0.21 #

  • Update ci.yml to latest Dart executables (#92)
  • Add docker hub image to Readme (#91), Thanks Manuel (@tennox)
  • Fix invalid syntax of GitHub action file (#90), Thanks Manuel (@errnesto)
  • Changed Dockerfile for cross-platform image building (#88), Thanks Patrick (@kastnerp)

2.0.20 #

  • Fix passing multiple arguments to GitHub action. Thanks Manuel!

2.0.19 #

  • Update to latest dependencies
  • Use pkg:cli_pkg for creating binaries in CI. Thanks Guillaume!

2.0.18 #

  • Allow the latest pkg:args

2.0.17 #

  • Update to latest dependencies.
  • Require Dart 2.12.

2.0.16 #

  • Add a summary of the most broken links (as opposed to just warnings) at the end of the listing. This only happens when most of the normal listing above is mostly (50%+) warnings. This should help when a big site has thousands of small warnings because of, say, missing anchors, but the author is currently trying to catch the failing errors.
  • Fix --show-redirects functionality. Thanks @nfagerlund!!

2.0.15 #

  • Improve stability by handling several failures more gracefully (#57, #63, #51, #40)

2.0.14 #

  • Add the --no-check-anchors flag, which prevents reporting missing anchors as problems. This is useful when the link-checked website uses anchors (like #play or #user=bob) for dynamic content (i.e. they are handled by JavaScript and don't exist in the static HTML). Thanks @emielbeinema for this contribution!

2.0.13 #

  • Add the --show-redirects flag, which reports redirected links. This is handy if you want to minimize the number of hoops the browser needs to jump through to get to linked pages. Ideally, all your site's links are direct, with zero redirects. Thanks @emielbeinema for this contribution!
  • Make everything more type-safe by disallowing Dart features "implicit-casts" and "implicit-dynamic".
  • Turn on pedantic linter.

2.0.12 #

  • Don’t assume contentType in HTTP headers is set

2.0.11 #

  • Resolve a bug with unicode character counting in HTML.

2.0.10 #

  • Guard against servers that do not provide Content-Type. No guarantees about crawling such servers but at least linkcheck will not crash.

2.0.9 #

  • Prepare for upcoming change to HttpRequest and HttpClientResponse
  • Add Docker skipfile documentation to README

2.0.8 #

  • Style fixes to achieve 100% health metric on
  • Add programmatic usage in example/example.dart.

2.0.7 #

  • Upgrade dependencies to latest.
  • Walk around csslib bug where some CSS makes the parser crash. This will currently just ignore the CSS file.

2.0.6 #

  • Add support for --connection-failures-as-warnings flag.

2.0.5 #

  • Fix checking of anchors containing non-ASCII chars.

2.0.4 #

  • Set min SDK to 2.0.0.

2.0.3 #

  • Add missing dependency on stream_channel.

2.0.2 #

  • Fix minor problems with Dart 2 upgrade.

2.0.1 #

  • Set max SDK version to <3.0.0.

2.0.0, 2.0.0+1 #

  • First Dart-2-only version.

1.0.6 #

  • Last version compatible with Dart 1 and Dart 2.
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A very fast link-checker. Crawls sites and checks integrity of links both in HTML and in CSS.

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