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The easy way to use ML Kit for entity extraction in Flutter.

ML Entity Extraction #

The easy way to use ML Kit for entity extraction in Flutter.

Most apps offer users very little interaction with text beyond the basic cut/copy/paste operations. Entity extraction improves the user experience inside your app by understanding text and allowing you to add helpful shortcuts based on context.

The Entity Extraction allows you to recognize specific entities within static text and while you're typing. Once an entity is identified, you can easily enable different actions for the user based on the entity type.


Getting Started #

Add dependency to your flutter project:

$ flutter pub add learning_entity_extraction


  learning_entity_extraction: ^0.0.2

Then run flutter pub get.

Usage #

import 'package:learning_entity_extraction/learning_entity_extraction.dart';

Extracting Entities #

EntityExtractor extractor = EntityExtractor();
List result = await extractor.extract(text);

Dispose #


Supported Entities #

Entity Index Type Example
Address address 350 third street, Cambridge MA
Date-Time datetime 2019/09/29, let's meet tomorrow at 6pm
Email address email salkuadrat@gmail.com
Flight Number (IATA flight codes only) flight LX37
IBAN iban CH52 0483 0000 0000 0000 9
ISBN (version 13 only) isbn 978-1101904190
Money/Currency (Arabic numerals only) money $12, 25 USD
Payment / Credit Cards payment 4111 1111 1111 1111
Phone Number phone (555) 225-3556
Tracking Number (standardized international formats) tracking 1Z204E380338943508
URL url https://github.com/salkuadrat/learning

Entity Model Management #

Get list of downloaded entity models.

var models = await EntityModelManager.list();

Download entity model.

await EntityModelManager.download(ENGLISH);

Check availability of entity model (downloaded or not).

// exist will true if the model is already downloaded before
var exist = await EntityModelManager.check(ENGLISH);
print('Check model: $exist');    

Delete entity model.

await EntityModelManager.delete(ENGLISH);

Supported Languages #

Here is language variables you can use in learning_entity_extraction.

const ARABIC = 'arabic';
const CHINESE = 'chinese';
const DUTCH = 'dutch';
const ENGLISH = 'english';
const FRENCH = 'french';
const GERMAN = 'german';
const ITALIAN = 'italian';
const JAPANESE = 'japanese';
const KOREAN = 'korean';
const POLISH = 'polish';
const PORTUGUESE = 'portuguese';
const RUSSIAN = 'russian';
const SPANISH = 'spanish';
const THAI = 'thai';
const TURKISH = 'turkish';

Example Project #

You can learn more from example project here.

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The easy way to use ML Kit for entity extraction in Flutter.

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