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Official Flutter client-side SDK for LaunchDarkly. Supports Android and iOS.

LaunchDarkly Client-side SDK for Flutter #

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LaunchDarkly overview #

LaunchDarkly is a feature management platform that serves trillions of feature flags daily to help teams build better software, faster. Get started using LaunchDarkly today!

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Supported Platform versions #

See the pubspec.yaml file for Flutter version requirements.

On the Android platform, the SDK requires a minimum SDK version of 21.

On the iOS platform, the SDK requires a minimum version of 10.0.

Other Flutter platforms are not currently supported by this SDK.

Getting started #

Refer to the SDK documentation for instructions on getting started with using the SDK.

Learn more #

Read our documentation for in-depth instructions on configuring and using LaunchDarkly. You can also head straight to the complete reference guide for this SDK or our code-generated API documentation.

Testing #

We run integration tests for all our SDKs using a centralized test harness. This approach gives us the ability to test for consistency across SDKs, as well as test networking behavior in a long-running application. These tests cover each method in the SDK, and verify that event sending, flag evaluation, stream reconnection, and other aspects of the SDK all behave correctly.

Contributing #

We encourage pull requests and other contributions from the community. Check out our contributing guidelines for instructions on how to contribute to this SDK.

About LaunchDarkly #

  • LaunchDarkly is a continuous delivery platform that provides feature flags as a service and allows developers to iterate quickly and safely. We allow you to easily flag your features and manage them from the LaunchDarkly dashboard. With LaunchDarkly, you can:
    • Roll out a new feature to a subset of your users (like a group of users who opt-in to a beta tester group), gathering feedback and bug reports from real-world use cases.
    • Gradually roll out a feature to an increasing percentage of users, and track the effect that the feature has on key metrics (for instance, how likely is a user to complete a purchase if they have feature A versus feature B?).
    • Turn off a feature that you realize is causing performance problems in production, without needing to re-deploy, or even restart the application with a changed configuration file.
    • Grant access to certain features based on user attributes, like payment plan (eg: users on the ‘gold’ plan get access to more features than users in the ‘silver’ plan). Disable parts of your application to facilitate maintenance, without taking everything offline.
  • LaunchDarkly provides feature flag SDKs for a wide variety of languages and technologies. Read our documentation for a complete list.
  • Explore LaunchDarkly
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Official Flutter client-side SDK for LaunchDarkly. Supports Android and iOS.

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