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LangChain.dart integration module for OpenAI (GPT-3, GPT-4, Functions, etc.).

🦜️🔗 LangChain.dart / OpenAI #

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OpenAI module for LangChain.dart.

Features #

  • LLMs:
    • OpenAI: wrapper around OpenAI Completions API.
  • Chat models:
    • ChatOpenAI: wrapper around OpenAI Chat API.
  • Embeddings:
    • OpenAIEmbeddings: wrapper around OpenAI Embeddings API.
  • Chains:
    • OpenAIQAWithStructureChain a chain that answer questions in the specified structure.
    • OpenAIQAWithSourcesChain: a chain that answer questions providing sources.
  • Agents:
    • OpenAIToolsAgent: an agent driven by OpenAIs Tools powered API.
  • Tools:
    • OpenAIDallETool: a tool that uses DallE to generate images from text.

License #

LangChain.dart is licensed under the MIT License.