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LangChain.dart third-party integrations that don't have a dedicated package.

🦜️🔗 LangChain.dart Community #

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Community package for LangChain.dart.

What is LangChain.dart Community? #

LangChain.dart Community contains third-party integrations and community-contributed components that are not part of the core LangChain.dart API.

Depend on this package if you want to use any of the integrations or components it provides.

The most popular third-party integrations have their own packages (e.g. langchain_openai, langchain_google, etc.). Check out the full list of packages.

LangChain.dart packages

Features #

  • Document loaders:
    • TextLoader: for plain text files.
    • CsvLoader: for CSV or TSV files.
    • JsonLoader for JSON files.
    • WebBaseLoader: for web pages.
  • Tools:
    • CalculatorTool: to calculate math expressions.
    • TavilySearchResultsTool: returns a list of results for a query using the Tavily search engine.
    • TavilyAnswerTool: returns an answer for a query using the Tavily search engine.
  • Vector stores:
    • ObjectBoxVectorStore: ObjectBox on-device vector database.

Check out the API reference for more details.

License #

LangChain.dart is licensed under the MIT License.