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super-rich dynamic components for Flutter applications

ken: super-rich components for Flutter applications #

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Intro #

Ken is a library for Flutter applications. All widgets in this library can be used both as static and dynamic. The static use of the widgets is a declaration of the widget in the page, like any other widget in Flutter. The dynamic use of the component is a definition of the widget in a json file, which can be received as input in a SmeupDynamicScreen. This methodology allows you to have a single page application where the content of the page could be sent from a backend.

ken Showcase #

There is a project entirely dedicated to the ken Showcase. Feel free to download it and check out the examples provided.

ken API #

The API documentation provides a full description of classes, services, models and widgets included in the ken library.

ken Development #

The following documents will provide all the material you need to start using the ken library:

How to use ken in your project #

Create a new Flutter app:

> flutter create myapp

To install the ken library, add the following dependency into the pubspec.yaml:

    ken: ^0.0.1

Add the ken library initilization in the main.dart file. In the initialization statement, you can set many attributes. Follow a minimal configuration:


Issues #

If you run into an error or an unexpected behavior, or you just want to give us feedback on how to improve, feel free to use the issues page.