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KeepassX format implementation in pure dart. (kdbx 3.x and 4.x support).

kdbx.dart #

KeepassX format implementation in pure dart.

Check out AuthPass Password Manager for an app which uses this library.

Resources #

Usage #


Features and bugs #

  • Supports kdbx v3 with native dart implementation
  • Supports kdbx v4 with combination with argon2 ffi

Argon2 support #

root directory contains shared libraris (libargon2*) which are built from https://github.com/authpass/argon2_ffi

  • MacOS:
  • Linux:
    • argon2_ffi/ios/Classes
    • cmake . && cmake --build .
    • cp libargon2_ffi.so kdbx.dart/
  • Windows:
    • Install Visual Studio Commnity Edition with C++ Development environment
    • Start "Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019"
    • argon2_ffi/ios/Classes:
      cmake .
      cmake --build .
      cp Debug\argon2_ffi.dll C:\kdbx.dart\argon2_ffi_plugin.dll