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Dart wrapper for the Jikan API, an unofficial MyAnimeList API.

jikan_api #

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Anime #

Future<Anime> getAnime(int id);
Future<BuiltList<CharacterMeta>> getAnimeCharacters(int id);
Future<BuiltList<PersonMeta>> getAnimeStaff(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Episode>> getAnimeEpisodes(int id, {int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Article>> getAnimeNews(int id, {int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Forum>> getAnimeForum(int id, {ForumType? type});
Future<BuiltList<Promo>> getAnimeVideos(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Picture>> getAnimePictures(int id);
Future<Stats> getAnimeStatistics(int id);
Future<String> getAnimeMoreInfo(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Recommendation>> getAnimeRecommendations(int id);
Future<BuiltList<UserUpdate>> getAnimeUserUpdates(int id, {int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Review>> getAnimeReviews(int id, {int page = 1});

Manga #

Future<Manga> getManga(int id);
Future<BuiltList<CharacterMeta>> getMangaCharacters(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Article>> getMangaNews(int id, {int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Forum>> getMangaForum(int id, {ForumType? type});
Future<BuiltList<Picture>> getMangaPictures(int id);
Future<Stats> getMangaStatistics(int id);
Future<String> getMangaMoreInfo(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Recommendation>> getMangaRecommendations(int id);
Future<BuiltList<UserUpdate>> getMangaUserUpdates(int id, {int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Review>> getMangaReviews(int id, {int page = 1});

People #

Future<Person> getPerson(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Picture>> getPersonPictures(int id);

Characters #

Future<Character> getCharacter(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Picture>> getCharacterPictures(int id);
Future<BuiltList<Anime>> searchAnime(
    {String? query, AnimeType? type, List<int>? genres, List<int>? producers, String? orderBy, String? sort, String? rawQuery, int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Manga>> searchManga(
    {String? query, MangaType? type, List<int>? genres, List<int>? magazines, String? orderBy, String? sort, String? rawQuery, int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Person>> searchPeople({String? query, String? orderBy, String? sort, int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Character>> searchCharacters({String? query, String? orderBy, String? sort, int page = 1});

Seasons #

Future<BuiltList<Anime>> getSeason({int? year, SeasonType? season, int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Anime>> getSeasonUpcoming({int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Archive>> getSeasonsList();

Schedules #

Future<BuiltList<Anime>> getSchedules({WeekDay? weekday, int page = 1});

Top #

Future<BuiltList<Anime>> getTopAnime({TopType? type, TopSubtype? subtype, int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Manga>> getTopManga({TopType? type, TopSubtype? subtype, int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Person>> getTopPeople({int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<Character>> getTopCharacters({int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<UserReview>> getTopReviews({int page = 1});

Genres #

Future<BuiltList<Genre>> getAnimeGenres({GenreType? type});
Future<BuiltList<Genre>> getMangaGenres({GenreType? type});

Producers #

Future<BuiltList<Producer>> getProducers({String? query, String? orderBy, String? sort, int page = 1});

Magazines #

Future<BuiltList<Magazine>> getMagazines({String? query, String? orderBy, String? sort, int page = 1});

Users #

Future<UserProfile> getUserProfile(String username);
Future<BuiltList<History>> getUserHistory(String username, {HistoryType? type});
Future<BuiltList<Friend>> getUserFriends(String username, {int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<UserReview>> getUserReviews(String username, {int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<UserRecommendation>> getUserRecommendations(String username, {int page = 1});

Reviews #

Future<BuiltList<UserReview>> getRecentAnimeReviews({int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<UserReview>> getRecentMangaReviews({int page = 1});

Recommendations #

Future<BuiltList<UserRecommendation>> getRecentAnimeRecommendations({int page = 1});
Future<BuiltList<UserRecommendation>> getRecentMangaRecommendations({int page = 1});

Watch #

Future<BuiltList<WatchEpisode>> getWatchEpisodes({bool popular = false});
Future<BuiltList<WatchPromoEpisode>> getWatchPromos({bool popular = false});
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Dart wrapper for the Jikan API, an unofficial MyAnimeList API.



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