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Rotate and resize images before uploading as necessary

image_whisperer #

Rotate and resize images before uploading as necessary.

Rotates the image according to the EXIF information so the image will look normal after reencoding or when they are displayed on a canvas.

Also images can be resized by specifying maximum width/height/pixels (as in maximum number of megapixels, but without the mega prefix).

Usage #

Two types of images are used and supported: BlobImage and CanvasImage. BlobImage contains a dart:html Blob with the image data (image file contents), CanvasImage contains a CanvasElement with the image itself.

ImageProcessingPipeline pipeline = new ImageProcessingPipeline();
// The current version of the pipeline returns a BlobImage no matter what.
// Sets the output format to JPEG and the quality to 75.
pipeline.requireBlob("image/jpeg", quality: 75);
// The result should contain no more than 4096 pixels (which makes it quite small)
pipeline.maxPixels = 4096;
// Let's assume there's a `<input type="file"/>` field in the DOM and happens to
// have a nonempty value
FileUploadInputElement input = querySelector("input[type=file]");
File file = input.files.first;
BlobImage image = new BlobImage(file, name:;
pipeline.process(image).then((BaseImage result) {
  // result is a BlobImage, and will always be with the default settings,
  // but I may change the API so we can receive a CanvasImage.
  Blob blob = (result as BlobImage).blob;

  // start a "download", so the image is saved

  String url;
  try {
    url = Url.createObjectUrl(blob);
    AnchorElement a = new AnchorElement(); = "${}.resized.jpg";
    a.href = url;;
  } finally {
    if (url != null) Url.revokeObjectUrl(url);

Getting Started #

Check out the project for an example and details on how to deal with the pipeline and BaseImage objects.

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Rotate and resize images before uploading as necessary

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