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Upload images in Flutter forms

ImageFormField #

Handle image uploads in a Flutter Form.

Usage #

In order to fully customize the photo upload field, several callbacks and classes are required. In most cases, you will be mixing photos from a remote source and a local upload. For these, an adapter layer is useful:

class ImageInputAdapter {
  /// Initialize from either a URL or a file, but not both.
  }) : assert(file != null || url != null), assert(file != null && url == null), assert(file == null && url != null);

  /// An image file
  final File file;
  /// A direct link to the remote image
  final String url;

  /// Render the image from a file or from a remote source.
  Widget widgetize() {
    if (file != null) {
      return Image.file(file);
    } else {
      return FadeInImage(
        image: NetworkImage(url),
        placeholder: AssetImage("assets/images/placeholder.png"),
        fit: BoxFit.contain,

Finally, in a Flutter Form:

import 'package:image_form_field/image_form_field.dart';

  previewImageBuilder: (_, ImageInputAdapter image) =>
  buttonBuilder: (_, int count) =>
      child: Text(
        count == null || count < 1 ? "Upload Image" : "Upload More"
  initializeFileAsImage: (File file) =>
    ImageInputAdapter(file: file),
  initialValue: existingPhotoUrl == null ? null : (List<ImageInputImageAdapter>()..add(ImageInputImageAdapter(url: existingPhotoUrl))),
  // Even if `shouldAllowMultiple` is true, images will always be a `List` of the declared type (i.e. `ImageInputAdater`).
  onSaved: (images) _images = images,

For a full example that includes uploading an image, see example/lib/main.dart.

Parameters #

(T == declared display type, i.e. ImageFormField<T>)

previewImageBuilderWidget Function(BuildContext, T)*How the image is rendered below the upload button
buttonBuilderWidget Function(BuildContext, [int])*The display of the button. Do not use FlatButton; the button is already wrapped in a GestureRecognizer
initializeFileAsImageT Function(File)*Convert an upload to the adapter class
controllerImageFieldControllerDirect access to the images currently displayed or uploaded
initialValueListImages displayed on initial render; if initialValue is set in initState or by some other non-pass through method, do not render the field until the value is set.
onSavedVoidCallback Function(ListHandle the uploaded/remote images when the form is saved
validatorVoidCallback Function(ListHandle the uploaded/remote images when the form is validated
errorTextStyleTextStyleControl how text display when field is invalid; often it's best to use Theme.of(context).inputDecorationTheme.errorStyle
autoValidateboolIf field should autovalidate (defaults to false)
shouldAllowMultipleboolIf field permits more than one image upload (defaults to true)

Thanks #

Props to AllGo for providing the initial support for this project.