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ic_tools in the dart-language.

ic_tools #

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This is a package that connects dart-code with the world-computer.

For the Dart & Flutter, on the Web & Linux.

import 'package:ic_tools/ic_tools.dart';
import 'package:ic_tools/candid.dart';
import 'package:ic_tools/common.dart';

main() async {
    Caller caller = Caller(keys: Ed25519Keys.new_keys());
    Canister icp_ledger = Canister(Principal.text('ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai'));

    Uint8List sponse_bytes = await icp_ledger.call(
        calltype: CallType.query,
        method_name: 'icrc1_balance_of',
        put_bytes: c_forwards_one(
                'owner': caller.principal,
                'subaccount': Option(value: null, value_type: Blob.type_mode())
    BigInt e8s = (c_backwards_one(sponse_bytes) as Nat).value; 
    Tokens icp_tokens = Tokens(quantums: e8s, decimal_places: 8);


On A Linux:

On The Web:

<script src="ic_tools_webfiles/rust_wasm_bls12381/rust_wasm_bls12381.js"></script>