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Render API on top of CustomPainter to power-up your Flutter apps to the next level.

[1.0.1] #

  • more null safety migrations.
  • experimental GDropShadowFilter.innerShadow (hurts performance).
  • add SceneBuilderWidget.autoSize to auto expand the scene on the parent widget.
  • fix bug with GText in LayoutUtils.row.
  • fix EventSignal bug, remove() callbacks while dispatching them.
  • prevents assigning NaN to GDisplayObject transform properties based on double.
  • some minor fixes and forced non-nullable properties.

[1.0.0-nullsafety.0] #

  • initial migration to null-safety
  • fix non-working examples.
  • fix a bug with GText layout.

[0.9.9] #

  • major fix for GTween when running lots of SceneControllers instances.
  • fix stage dispose exception with keyboard/pointer.
  • added some more ColorFilters.

[0.9.8] #

  • major code refactoring, remove svg_flutter as dependency to avoid breaking changes.
  • changed all methods that takes int hex colors + alphas, to Color (beginFill, beginGradientFill, stage.color, etc).
  • fix trace for web and dartpad output.
  • renamed most common classes (that do not start with G) to follow a GName pattern.
    • SimpleText > GText
    • GxIcon > GIcon
    • Sprite > GSprite
    • GxPoint > GPoint, and so on...
  • added dispose() to KeyboardManager and PointerManager... so it manages hot reloader better.
  • added LayoutUtils.objectFit() to resize GDisplayObject (specially Bitmaps), using BoxFit.
  • downgraded flutter_svg to 0.18.1 in "example" to make it usable in beta channel.
  • refactor resource_loader.dart, changed most methods to use named params, now only stores in cache if a cacheId is defined (and also returns the cached data).
  • GText now uses Flutter's TextStyle to make it more convenient.
  • added ResourceLoader.loadNetworkTextureSimple() using a simple http call in flutter (useful for dartpad).

[0.9.7] #

  • added MovieClip.gotoAndPlay lastFrame for animation.
  • exposed the GifAtlas::textureFrames so they can be used in MovieClips.
  • added several methods from Flutters Path in Graphics... (conicCurveTo(), arcToPoint(), arc()) with some new optional parameters for relative drawing.
  • added new signals for stage.onMouseEnter, stage.onMouseLeave to detect touch positions when it leaves the Widget area... ( useful for scene with buttons).

[0.9.6+2] #

  • change flutter_svg version to be compatible with stable branch.

[0.9.6] #

  • Improved docs.
  • Removed animations.dart, GTween is used in favor of Juggler.
  • Changed [GameUtils] to [Math], class to keep consistency with ActionScript/JS API.
  • Improved gradient support in Graphics. For the sake of representing all the options for different Gradient Shaders in GraphX, uncommon positional parameters where replaced by named parameters for lineGradientStyle() and beginGradientFill().
  • Fixed a bug with [StaticText.width] when using by default double.infinity, unsupported in Flutter web non-SKIA target.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Added package http and flutter_svg dependencies to facilitate some GraphX features.
  • Added [SvgUtils] with basic methods to work with svg data.
  • Renamed [AssetsLoader] to [ResourceLoader], and moved to the io namespace; to avoid confusion with Flutter concepts where asset reference a local resource.
  • Added [NetworkImageLoader] class, to provide the ability to load remote images. Can be used with [ResourceLoader.loadNetworkTexture] and [ResourceLoader.loadNetworkSvg]. WARNING: no CORS workaround for web targets.
  • Added cache capabilities to network images, and some new methods on [ResourceLoader]: loadNetworkSvg(), loadNetworkTexture(), loadSvg(), getSvgData().
  • Added [] to simplify the initialization and styling of [StaticText].
  • Added [Keyboard], utility class to simplify interactions with stage.keyboard during update() phase [stage.onEnterFrame].

[0.9.5] #

  • Fixes DisplayObject.visible not being updated on rendering.
  • Added display object.setProps() as a shortcut to assign basic properties using GTween and immediate render.
  • Added GlowFilter, DropShadowFilter and ColorMatrixFilter.
  • Added GTween extension support to filters, can easily create tweens like:
    var glow = GlowFilter(4, 4,;
    box.filters = [glow];
    stage.onMouseDown.add((event) {
    glow.tween(duration: .3, blurX: 12, color:;
    stage.onMouseUp.add((event) {
    glow.tween(duration: .3, blurX: 4, color:;
  • Added SystemUtils.usingSkia to restrict unsoported operations in regular Flutter web.
  • Fixed GTween.overwrite=1 so it finds the proper target object.

[0.9.4] #

  • fixes TextureAtlas XML parsing (some formarts were not readed properly).
  • added support for hot-reload: Now you can use SceneConfig.rebuildOnHotReload and stage.onHotReload to manage your own logic.
  • fixed some issues with dispose() not cleaning up vars (useful for hotReload).
  • added SceneController access to the stage (stage.controller).
  • Basic support for Flutter Web (no SKIA target needed!), will have to check all the APIs. New SystemUtils.usingSkia to check the compilation.

[0.9.2] - [0.9.3] #

  • added SceneController::resolveWindowsBounds() to get a GxRect in global coordinates, to calculate the screen offsets between GraphX scenes and other Widgets at different locations in the Widget tree.
  • StaticText now listens to systemFonts, to detect when fonts loaded at runtime (useful when using GoogleFonts package).

[0.9.1] #

  • GxIcon recreates ParagraphBuilder on each style change (otherwise throws an exception in latest builds with web-skia in dev channel).
  • each DisplayObject has its own Painter now for saveLayer, the bounding rect can't be skipped by $useSaveLayerBounds=true.

[0.9.0] #

  • GraphX moves to RC1!
  • new maskRect and maskRectInverted as an alternative to mask for masking DisplayObjects but makes scissor clipping with GxRect.
  • added GxMatrix.clone()
  • added GTween.timeScale to have a global control over tween times and delays.
  • added Graphics.beginBitmapFill and Graphics.lineBitmapStyle to Graphics, now you can fill shapes with Images!
  • improved Graphics.beginGradientFill for GradientType.radial... now you can specify the radius for it.
  • added support Graphics.drawTriangles(), (uses Canvas.drawVertices()), to create potentially 3d shapes. Supports solid fills: image, gradient, and color, but no strokes (lineStyle).
  • flipped versions direction.
  • more code cleanup and updated!

[0.0.1+9] #

  • readme fix.

[0.0.1+8] #

  • big refactor to initialize SceneController(), now it takes the [SceneConfig] from the constructor (withLayers() was removed).
  • cleanup docs to reflect the change.
  • no more [SceneRoot], now you can use [Sprite] directly as the root layer Scene!

[0.0.1+7] #

  • fix for mouse exit event not being detected when the scene is way too small and the pointer event happens too fast over the target.
  • an improved

[0.0.1+6] #

  • exported back graphics_clipper
  • added experimental startDrag()/stopDrag() methods.

[0.0.1+5] #

  • added missing export in graphx.
  • testing discord integration.
  • GTween changed VoidCallback to Function to avoid linting errors.

[0.0.1+4] #

  • code clean up and minor fixes in the readme.
  • adds trace() global function, as an option to print(). It allows you to pass up to 10 arguments, and configure stack information to show through traceConfig(). So it can print caller name (method name), caller object (instance / class name where caller is), filename and line number with some custom format.

[0.0.1+3] #

  • Another improve to the, gifs have links to videos, to check screencasts in better quality.
  • Added help & social links.
  • cleanup more code.

[0.0.1+2] #

  • Improved with gif screencast samples.
  • cleanup some code.

[0.0.1] #

  • Initial release.
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Render API on top of CustomPainter to power-up your Flutter apps to the next level.

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