google_maps_flutter_web 0.1.1
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Flutter web

Web platform implementation of google_maps_flutter

google_maps_flutter_web #

This is an implementation of the google_maps_flutter plugin for web. Behind the scenes, it uses a14n's google_maps dart JS interop layer.

Usage #

Depend on the package #

This package is not an endorsed implementation of the google_maps_flutter plugin yet, so you'll need to modify the pubspec.yaml file of your app to depend on this package:

  google_maps_flutter: ^0.5.28
  google_maps_flutter_web: ^0.1.0

Modify web/index.html #

Get an API Key for Google Maps JavaScript API. Get started here.

Modify the <head> tag of your web/index.html to load the Google Maps JavaScript API, like so:


  <!-- // Other stuff -->

  <script src=""></script>

Now you should be able to use the Google Maps plugin normally.

Limitations of the web version #

The following map options are not available in web, because the map doesn't rotate there:

  • compassEnabled
  • rotateGesturesEnabled
  • tiltGesturesEnabled

There's no "Map Toolbar" in web, so the mapToolbarEnabled option is unused.

There's no "My Location" widget in web (tracking issue), so the following options are ignored, for now:

  • myLocationButtonEnabled
  • myLocationEnabled

There's no defaultMarkerWithHue in web. If you need colored pins/markers, you may need to use your own asset images.

Indoor and building layers are still not available on the web. Traffic is.