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An SVG rendering and widget library for Flutter, which allows painting and displaying Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 files.

flutter_svg #

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Flutter Logo which can be rendered by this package!

Draw SVG (and some Android VectorDrawable (XML)) files on a Flutter Widget.

Getting Started #

This is a Dart-native rendering library. Issues/PRs will be raised in Flutter and flutter/engine as necessary for features that are not good candidates for Dart implementations (especially if they're impossible to implement without engine support). However, not everything that Skia can easily do needs to be done by Skia; for example, the Path parsing logic here isn't much slower than doing it in native, and Skia isn't always doing low level GPU accelerated work where you might think it is (e.g. Dash Paths).

All of the SVGs in the assets/ folder (except the text related one(s)) now have corresponding PNGs in the golden/ folder that were rendered using flutter test tool/gen_golden.dart and compared against their rendering output in Chrome. Automated tests will continue to compare these to ensure code changes do not break known-good renderings.

Basic usage (to create an SVG rendering widget from an asset):

final String assetName = 'assets/image.svg';
final Widget svg = SvgPicture.asset(
  semanticsLabel: 'Acme Logo'

You can color/tint the image like so:

final String assetName = 'assets/up_arrow.svg';
final Widget svgIcon = SvgPicture.asset(
  color: Colors.red,
  semanticsLabel: 'A red up arrow'

The default placeholder is an empty box (LimitedBox) - although if a height or width is specified on the SvgPicture, a SizedBox will be used instead (which ensures better layout experience). There is currently no way to show an Error visually, however errors will get properly logged to the console in debug mode.

You can also specify a placeholder widget. The placeholder will display during parsing/loading (normally only relevant for network access).

// Will print error messages to the console.
final String assetName = 'assets/image_that_does_not_exist.svg';
final Widget svg = SvgPicture.asset(

final Widget networkSvg = SvgPicture.network(
  semanticsLabel: 'A shark?!',
  placeholderBuilder: (BuildContext context) => Container(
      padding: const EdgeInsets.all(30.0),
      child: const CircularProgressIndicator()),

If you'd like to render the SVG to some other canvas, you can do something like:

import 'package:flutter_svg/flutter_svg.dart';
final String rawSvg = '''<svg viewBox="...">...</svg>''';
final DrawableRoot svgRoot = await svg.fromSvgString(rawSvg, rawSvg);

// If you only want the final Picture output, just use
final Picture picture = svgRoot.toPicture();

// Otherwise, if you want to draw it to a canvas:
// Optional, but probably normally desirable: scale the canvas dimensions to
// the SVG's viewbox

// Optional, but probably normally desireable: ensure the SVG isn't rendered
// outside of the viewbox bounds
// The second parameter is not used
svgRoot.draw(canvas, null);

The SvgPicture helps to automate this logic, and it provides some convenience wrappers for getting assets from multiple sources and caching the resultant Picture. It does not render the data to an Image at any point; you certainly can do that in Flutter, but you then lose some of the benefit of having a vector format to begin with.

See main.dart for a complete sample.

Check SVG compatibility #

As not all SVG features are supported by this library (see below), sometimes we have to dynamically check if an SVG contains any unsupported features resulting in broken images. You might also want to throw errors in tests, but only warn about them at runtime. This can be done by using the snippet below:

final SvgParser parser = SvgParser();
try {
  parser.parse(svgString, warningsAsErrors: true);
  print('SVG is supported');
} catch (e) {
  print('SVG contains unsupported features');

Note: The library currently only detects unsupported elements (like the <style>-tag), but not unsupported attributes.

Use Cases #

  • Your designer creates a vector asset that you want to include without converting to 5 different raster format resolutions.
  • Your vector drawing is meant to be static and non (or maybe minimally) interactive.
  • You want to load SVGs dynamically from network sources at runtime.
  • You want to paint SVG data and render it to an image.

Out of scope/non-goals #

  • SMIL animations. That just seems crazy. I think it'll be possible to animate the SVG but probably in a more Flutter driven way.
  • Interactivity/events in SVG.
  • Any CSS support - preprocess your SVGs (perhaps with usvg or scour to get rid of all CSS?).
  • Scripting in SVGs
  • Foreign elements
  • Rendering properties/hints
  • In Styling: choose Presentation Attributes instead of Inline CSS because CSS is not fully supported.
  • In Images: choose Embded not Linked to other file to get a single svg with no dependency to other files.
  • In Objects IDs: choose layer names to add every layer name to svg tags or you can use minimal,it is optional. Export configuration

SVG sample attribution #

SVGs in /assets/w3samples pulled from W3 sample files

SVGs in /assets/deborah_ufw provided by @deborah-ufw

SVGs in /assets/simple are pulled from trivial examples or generated to test basic functionality - some of them come directly from the SVG 1.1 spec. Some have also come or been adapted from issues raised in this repository.

SVGs in /assets/wikimedia are pulled from Wikimedia Commons

Android Drawables in /assets/android_vd are pulled from Android Documentation and examples.

The Flutter Logo created based on the Flutter Logo Widget © Google.

The Dart logo is from dartlang.org © Google

SVGs in /assets/noto-emoji are from Google i18n noto-emoji, licensed under the Apache license.

Please submit SVGs that can't render properly (e.g. that don't render here the way they do in chrome), as long as they're not using anything "probably out of scope" (above).

Alternatives #

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An SVG rendering and widget library for Flutter, which allows painting and displaying Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 files.

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