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Generate code for building apps with Flutter based on your designs in Adobe XD with the “XD to Flutter” plugin. This package contains helper widgets used by the plugin.

Fast and high-quality TeX math equation rendering with pure Dart & Flutter.

Generate image provider from svg path, uses flutter_svg and http (for network paths) as a dependency.

Auth Buttons is a flutter widget library, include buttons for authenticating with the most popular social networks like Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter.

The Signature Pad Widget that allows you to draw smooth signatures. With variety of draw and export settings. And also supports SVG.

A flutter package with many country flag icons that you can use via the Image.asset method

Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.

A flag Flutter package. Use for showing flags. All flags came from .

Simple abstraction to be able to use SVGs in Android, iOS, and Web.

A light-weight and highly customizable SVG graphic set for Flutter which generates avatars and provides a Customizer Widget, personalized CircleAvatar and other utility functions.

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