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A flutter plugin that implements rating system.

[0.0.1] - TODO: Add initial release date. #

  • Initial release of the StarRating widget with basic functionality for displaying and interacting with star ratings in Flutter apps.

[0.0.2] - September 24, 2018 #

  • Fixed background transparency issues.
  • Addressed example overflow problems.
  • Adjusted star size to be relative to the screen width.
  • Improved splash animation on click.
  • Formatted code for better readability and maintainability.

[2.0.2] - TODO: Add release date for this update. #

  • Implemented Null Safety: Updated the widget for null safety to comply with the latest Dart and Flutter standards.

  • Customizable Icons with IconData: Introduced parameters (filledIcon, halfFilledIcon, emptyIcon) to accept IconData, allowing * users to customize the appearance of the star icons more easily.

  • Optional Half-Star Rating: Added the allowHalfRating parameter to enable or disable half-star ratings through a long press, enhancing user interaction.

  • Color Customization for Default Icons: Ensured that if custom icons are not provided, the default icons (Icons.star, Icons.star_half, Icons.star_border) will use the color and borderColor specified by the user.

  • Refined Code Structure: Streamlined the widget's implementation by optimizing parameter usage and simplifying the widget's overall structure.

  • Breaking Changes:

  • Transitioned icon customization from Widget to IconData for filledIcon, halfFilledIcon, and emptyIcon parameters to streamline the customization process and align with Flutter's icon handling conventions.

  • Updated RatingChangeCallback to be nullable to better handle cases where no action is taken on rating change.

  • Deprecated Features:

  • Deprecation of direct star size specification relative to screen width in favor of a more straightforward size parameter, allowing for direct control over icon sizes and simplifying the widget's interface.

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A flutter plugin that implements rating system.

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