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A rich text editor built for the modern Android, iOS, web and desktop platforms. It is the WYSIWYG editor and a Quill component for Flutter.

Flutter Quill #

Flutter Quill

A rich text editor for Flutter

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FlutterQuill is a rich text editor and a Quill component for Flutter.

This library is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor built for the modern Android, iOS, web and desktop platforms. Check out our Youtube Playlist or Code Introduction to take a detailed walkthrough of the code base. You can join our Slack Group for discussion.


If you are viewing this page from pub.dev page, then you might have some issues with opening some links, open it in the GitHub repo instead.

πŸ“š Table of contents #

πŸ“Έ Screenshots #

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πŸ“¦ Installation #

  flutter_quill: ^<latest-version-here>


    git: https://github.com/singerdmx/flutter-quill.git
    ref: v<latest-version-here>


Using the latest version and reporting any issues you encounter on GitHub will greatly contribute to the improvement of the library. Your input and insights are valuable in shaping a stable and reliable version for all the developers. Thank you for being part of the open-source community!

πŸ›  Platform Specific Configurations #

The flutter_quill package uses the following plugins:

  1. url_launcher to open links.
  2. device_info_plus to view info about the current device.
  3. flutter_keyboard_visibility to listen for keyboard visibility changes.

All of them don't require any platform-specific setup.


Starting from Flutter Quill 9.4.x, super_clipboard has been moved to FlutterQuill Extensions, to use rich text pasting, support pasting images, and gif files from external apps or websites, take a look at flutter_quill_extensions Readme.

πŸš€ Usage #

Instantiate a controller:

QuillController _controller = QuillController.basic();

Use the QuillEditor, and QuillToolbar widgets, and attach the QuillController to them:

  configurations: QuillSimpleToolbarConfigurations(controller: _controller),
  child: QuillEditor.basic(
    configurations: QuillEditorConfigurations(controller: _controller),

Dispose of the QuillController in the dispose method:

void dispose() {

Check out Sample Page for more advanced usage.

πŸ”„ Migration #

Starting from version 8.0.0 We have added Migration Guide for migration from different versions

πŸ”€ Input / Output #

This library uses Quill Delta to represent the document content. The Delta format is a compact and versatile way to describe document changes. It consists of a series of operations, each representing an insertion, deletion, or formatting change within the document.

Don’t be confused by its name Deltaβ€”Deltas represents both documents and changes to documents. If you think of Deltas as the instructions for going from one document to another, the way Deltas represents a document is by expressing the instructions starting from an empty document.

  • Use _controller.document.toDelta() to extract the deltas.
  • Use _controller.document.toPlainText() to extract plain text.

FlutterQuill provides some JSON serialization support so that you can save and open documents. To save a document as JSON, do something like the following:

final json = jsonEncode(_controller.document.toDelta().toJson());

You can then write this to storage.

To open a FlutterQuill editor with an existing JSON representation that you've previously stored, you can do something like this:

final json = jsonDecode(r'{"insert":"hello\n"}');

_controller.document = Document.fromJson(json);

βš™οΈ Configurations #

The QuillToolbar and QuillEditor widgets let you customize a lot of things Sample Page provides sample code for advanced usage and configuration.

πŸ–‹ Font Family #

To use your own fonts, update your Assets folder and pass in fontFamilyValues. More details on this commit, this article and this.

πŸ“¦ Embed Blocks #

As of version 6.0, embed blocks are not provided by default as part of this package.

Instead, this package provides an interface for all the users to provide their own implementations for embed blocks. Implementations for image, video, and formula embed blocks are proved in a separate package flutter_quill_extensions.

Provide a list of embed

πŸ› οΈ Using the embed blocks from flutter_quill_extensions #

To see how to use the extension package, please take a look at the README of FlutterQuill Extensions

πŸ”„ Conversion to HTML #


Converting HTML or Markdown to Delta is highly experimental and shouldn't be used for production applications, while the current implementation we have internally is far from perfect, it could improved however it will likely not work as expected, due to differences between HTML and Delta, see this Quill JS Comment #311458570 for more info.
We only use it internally as it is more suitable for our specific use case, copying content from external websites and pasting it into the editor previously breaks the styles, while the current implementation is not designed for converting a full Document from other formats to Delta, it provides a better user experience and doesn't have many downsides.

The support for converting HTML to Quill Delta is quite experimental and used internally when pasting HTML content from the clipboard to the Quill Document.

Converting Delta from/to HTML is not a standard feature in Quill JS or FlutterQuill.


Converting HTML to Delta usually won't work as expected, we highly recommend storing the Document as Delta JSON in the database instead of other formats (e.g., HTML, Markdown, PDF, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, XML, CSV, etc...)

Converting between HTML and Delta JSON is generally not recommended due to their structural and functional differences.

Sometimes you might want to convert between HTML and Delta for specific use cases:

  1. Migration: If you're using an existing system that stores the data in HTML and want to convert the document data to Delta.
  2. Sharing: For example, if you want to share the Document Delta somewhere or send it as an email.
  3. Save as: If your app has a feature that allows converting Documents to other formats.
  4. Rich text pasting: If you copy some content from websites or apps, and want to paste it into the app.
  5. SEO: In case you want to use HTML for SEO support.

The following packages can be used:

  1. vsc_quill_delta_to_html: To convert Delta to HTML.
  2. flutter_quill_delta_from_html: To Convert HTML to Delta.
  3. flutter_quill_to_pdf: To convert Delta To PDF.
  4. markdown_quill: To convert Markdown To Delta and vice versa.

🌐 Translation #

The package offers translations for the quill toolbar and editor, it will follow the system locale unless you set your own locale.

Open this page for more info

πŸ§ͺ Testing #

Please use flutter_quill_test for testing

πŸ‘₯ Contributors #

  • Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project...

Made with contrib.rocks.

  • Thanks to the Flutter Team
  • Thanks to the welcoming community, the volunteers who helped along the journey, developers, contributors and contributors who put time and effort into everything including making all the libraries, tools, and the information we rely on
  • We are incredibly grateful to many individuals and organizations who have played a role in the project. This includes the welcoming community, dedicated volunteers, talented developers and contributors, and the creators of the open-source tools we rely on.

We welcome all contributions!

Please follow these guidelines when contributing to the project. See CONTRIBUTING.md for more details.

The CONTRIBUTING.md has development notes, if you're planning on contributing to the package, please consider reading it.