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Display stories (videos and images) like Whatsapp & Instagram.

flutter_instagram_stories Pub #

If you need a help to implement stories in your app, contact me https://github.com/awaik #

A Flutter package for displaying stories just like Whatsapp & Instagram. Built-in groups (multiple stories with one icon), cache, video, gifs.

The package can be used in any app for displaying news, educational content and etc. Look the sample app here.

Note: This package is under active development, and there are some known bugs and a lot of features to implement. Please, add issues or feature requests here: issue

The project was initially copied from https://github.com/blackmann/story_view - great thanks for this excellent package. In case, you need more flexible functionality, you can check the original repository.

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Important notes:

  1. For now, the package works with Firebase only.
  2. This is a first beta version, please add all issues and feature requests here: issue

Features #

  • Only one line of code to implement this package to the app.
  • Display images, gifs, videos.
  • Adjustable titles on icons.
  • Preliminary caching after app started.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Callback when a user closed stories - helps to implement subscriptions after first launch and etc.

Installing #

Look how to install here https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_instagram_stories#-installing-tab-

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:flutter_instagram_stories/flutter_instagram_stories.dart';

iOS #

For playing video, the package uses official video_player https://pub.dev/packages/video_player

From documentation:

  1. Warning: The video_player plugin doesn’t work on iOS simulators. You must test videos on real iOS devices.

  2. For iOS, add the following to the Info.plist file found at


Usage #

You can find a complete working example here https://github.com/awaik/flutter_instagram_stories/tree/master/example

Dart code

Connect to the collection where you keep stories

    static String collectionDbName = 'instagram_stories_db';
    CollectionReference dbInstance =

And add stories full functionality to your app.

        collectionDbName: collectionDbName,
        showTitleOnIcon: true,
        backFromStories: () {
        iconTextStyle: TextStyle(
          fontSize: 14.0,
          color: Colors.white,
        iconImageBorderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(15.0),
        iconBoxDecoration: BoxDecoration(
          borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(15.0)),
          color: Color(0xFFffffff),
          boxShadow: [
              color: Color(0xff333333),
              blurRadius: 10.0,
              offset: Offset(
        iconWidth: 150.0,
        iconHeight: 150.0,
            EdgeInsets.only(left: 8.0, right: 8.0, bottom: 12.0),
        //how long story lasts in seconds
        imageStoryDuration: 7,
        progressPosition: ProgressPosition.top,
        repeat: true,
        inline: false,
        languageCode: 'en',
        backgroundColorBetweenStories: Colors.black,
        closeButtonIcon: Icon(
          color: Colors.white,
          size: 28.0,
        closeButtonBackgroundColor: Color(0x11000000),
        sortingOrderDesc: true,
        lastIconHighlight: true,
        lastIconHighlightColor: Colors.deepOrange,
        lastIconHighlightRadius: const Radius.circular(15.0),
        captionTextStyle: TextStyle(
          fontSize: 22,
          color: Colors.white,
        captionMargin: EdgeInsets.only(
          bottom: 50,
        captionPadding: EdgeInsets.symmetric(
          horizontal: 24,
          vertical: 8,

Firestore database

The package works with Firestore database and package https://pub.dev/packages/cloud_firestore already included into the package.

You can use example with the sample database in the example folder, or, create your own database.

Steps to create:

  1. Add Firebase to your app
  1. Create Firestore database
  • Create a collection with any name. After you will use this name in dart code only once.
  • Create documents inside the collection with exact structure, like on the image below

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Important! Pay attention to array, map types. Otherwise you will have a null error https://github.com/awaik/flutter_instagram_stories/issues/20

Data structure

That's it! Now your app has instagram stories with caching and other powerful features.

Use cases in real apps #

App for Android and iOS - https://lifext.app/

Lifext app