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Flutter plugin to read, create, update, delete and observe native contacts on Android and iOS.

flutter_contacts #

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Flutter plugin to read, create, update, delete and observe native contacts on Android and iOS.

For a minimalistic example, take a look at example/. You can write a full-fledged contacts app with it – see example_full/ to see how.

Demo #


Features #

  • Fetch all contacts
  • Create new contact
  • Update existing contact
  • Delete contacts
  • Observe contact database changes
  • Fetch all details for a given contact, including:
    • Photo (low / high resolution)
    • Phones
    • Emails
    • Company / job title
    • Postal addresses
    • Websites
    • Birthday / events
    • Instant messaging / social profiles
    • Notes
    • Labels (such as "main" or "work" for phones)

★ Exclusive flutter_contacts features:

  • Maximum compability with native contacts: fetching a contact and saving it back doesn't alter it
  • Contacts correctly sorted, ignoring case and diacritics
  • No "zombie contacts" on Android (fake or duplicate contacts that wouldn't appear in your default contact app)
  • Phone numbers and emails deduplicated by default

Usage #

import 'package:flutter_contacts/flutter_contacts.dart';
import 'package:permission_handler/permission_handler.dart';

if (await Permission.contacts.request().isGranted) {
    /// Get all contacts (IDs and names only)
    List<Contact> contacts = await FlutterContacts.getContacts();

    /// Get all fields (phones, emails, photo, job, etc) for a given contact
    Contact contact = await FlutterContacts.getContact(contacts.first.id);

    /// Listen to contacts database changes
    FlutterContacts.onChange(() => print('Contact DB changed'));

    /// Create contact
    Contact newContact = Contact.create()
        ..name = Name(first: 'John', last: 'Doe')
        ..phones = [Phone('555-123-4567'), Phone('555-999-9999', label: PhoneLabel.work)];
    newContact = await FlutterContacts.newContact(newContact);

    /// Update contact
    await FlutterContacts.updateContact(newContact);

    /// Delete contact
    await FlutterContacts.deleteContact(newContact.id);

Data model #

Essential data model (enough for most use cases) #

class Contact {
    String id;
    String displayName;
    Uint8List photo;
    Name name;
    List<Phone> phones;
    List<Email> emails;
    List<Address> addresses;

class Name {
    String first;
    String last;

class Phone {
    String number;

class Email {
    String address;

class Address {
    String address;

Complete data model (for power users) #

class Contact {
    // Always fetched
    String id;
    String displayName;

    // Fetched when calling:
    //   - getContact()
    //   - getContacts(withPhotos: true)
    //   - getFullContacts(withPhotos: true)
    // Photo is low-resolution, unless calling:
    //   - getContact()
    //   - getContacts(withPhotos: true, useHighResolutionPhotos: true)
    //   - getFullContacts(withPhotos: true, useHighResolutionPhotos: true)
    Uint8List photo;

    // Fetched when calling:
    //   - getContact()
    //   - getFullContacts()
    Name name;
    List<Phone> phones;
    List<Email> emails;
    List<Address> addresses;
    List<Organization> organizations;
    List<Website> websites;
    List<SocialMedia> socialMedias;
    List<Event> events;
    List<Note> notes;
    List<Account> accounts;

class Name {
    String first;
    String last;
    String middle;
    String prefix;             // e.g. "Dr" in American names
    String suffix;             // e.g. "Jr" in American names
    String nickname;
    String firstPhonetic;
    String lastPhonetic;
    String middlePhonetic;

class Phone {
    String number;
    String normalizedNumber;  // e.g. +12345678900 for +1 (234) 567-8900 (android only)
    PhoneLabel label;         // https://cutt.ly/4hXHFq2, default PhoneLabel.mobile
    String customLabel;       // if label == PhoneLabel.custom
    bool isPrimary;           // phone number called by default (android only)

class Email {
    String address;
    EmailLabel label;         // https://cutt.ly/zhXHGba, default EmailLabel.home
    String customLabel;       // if label == EmailLabel.custom
    bool isPrimary;           // email address used by default (android only)

class Address {
    String address;           // formatted address (always available)
    AddressLabel label;       // https://cutt.ly/ShXHFm6, default AddressLabel.home
    String customLabel;       // if label == AddressLabel.custom
    String street;            // street name and house number
    String pobox;             // android only
    String neighborhood;      // android only
    String city;
    String state;             // US state; also region/department/county on android
    String postalCode;
    String country;
    String isoCountry;        // ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard (iOS only)
    String subAdminArea       // region/county (iOS only)
    String subLocality;       // anything else (iOS only)

class Organization {
    String company;           // company name
    String title;             // job title
    String department;        // department
    String jobDescription;    // job description (android only)
    String symbol;            // ticker symbol (android only)
    String phoneticName;
    String officeLocation;    // android only

class Website {
    String url;
    WebsiteLabel label;       // https://cutt.ly/JhXH5CF, default WebsiteLabel.homepage
    String customLabel;       // if label == WebsiteLabel.custom

class SocialMedia {
    String userName;          // handle/username/login
    SocialMediaLabel label;   // https://cutt.ly/9hXJwFH, default SocialMediaLabel.other
    String customLabel;       // if label == SocialMediaLabel.custom

class Event {
    DateTime date;
    EventLabel label;         // https://cutt.ly/vhXJtAW, default EventLabel.birthday
    String customLabel;       // if label == EventLabel.customLabel
    bool noYear;              // iOS only

class Note {
    String note;              // not available on iOS13+, see https://cutt.ly/HhXJoMR

class Account {               // for debug purposes (android only)
    String rawId;             // raw contact ID
    String type;              // e.g. com.google or com.facebook.messenger
    String name;              // e.g. john.doe@gmail.com
    List<String> mimetypes;   // list of android mimetypes

Default values #

Apart from photo, nothing can be null. String values default to '', boolean values to false, lists to [], DateTime to Jan 1 1970, and enums as indicated above.

Android/iOS availability #

Some fields are only available on iOS, others only on Android. Concretely it means that if, for example, you save a contact with contact.events[0].noYear = true on Android, you will lose that information when fetching it again.

Regarding labels, some are present in both (e.g. PhoneLabel.mobile), others only on one platform (e.g. PhoneLabel.iPhone). If you try, for example, to save a contact with contact.phones[0].label = PhoneLabel.iPhone on Android, it will instead get saved with label = PhoneLabel.custom and customLabel = 'iPhone'.

Installation #

  1. Add json_serializable: ^3.5.0 (or higher) to the dev_dependencies in pubspec.yaml.
  2. Add permission_handler: ^5.0.0+hotfix.3 (or higher) to the dependencies in pubspec.yaml: this is the package that allows you to request contact permissions.
  3. Add the following key/value pair to your app's Info.plist (for iOS):
     <plist version="1.0">
         <string>Access contact list</string>
  4. Add the following <uses-permissions> tags to your app's AndroidManifest.xml (for Android):
     <manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" ...>
         <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS"/>
         <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS"/>
         <application ...>
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Flutter plugin to read, create, update, delete and observe native contacts on Android and iOS.

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