flutter_calendar 0.0.9
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A calendar widget that uses Material Design.

flutter_calendar #

A calendar widget for Flutter Apps.

Borrowed DateTime utility functions from the Tzolkin Calendar web element.

Usage #

Add to your pubspec dependencies:

    flutter_calendar: ^0.0.1

Render the map with one of three options:

1. Default, Material Design

new Calendar()

standard view

2. An Expandable Map

new Calendar(
  isExpandable: true;

expanded view

3. Customize It (Standard or Expandable)

new Calendar(
  // A builder function that renders each calendar tile how you'd like.
  dayBuilder: (BuildContext context, DateTime day) {
      return new Text("!");

day builder


// Three optional params:
final VoidCallback onDateSelected;
final bool isExpandable;
final Widget dayBuilder;