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This plugin currently bundles AppCenter Analytics, Crashes and Distribute. To learn more about AppCenter, go to https://aka.ms/appcenterdocs

AppCenter Plugin for flutter #

pub package Build status #

This plugin currently bundles appcenter analytics, crashes and distribute.

Getting Started #

To get started, go to AppCenter and register your apps.

For detailed AppCenter API reference, go to https://aka.ms/appcenterdocs

Build #

Appcenter distribute has an issue with pulishing apps to google play. To workaround

use flutter build --flavor googlePlay to build for googlePlay and flutter build --flavor appCenter for appCenter.

flutter build apk command will build both under build/app/outputs/flutter-apk by adding below section to android/app/build.gradle

android {

  flavorDimensions "distribute"
  productFlavors {
      appCenter {
          dimension "distribute"

      googlePlay {
          dimension "distribute"

  // This is likely needed, see https://github.com/flutter/flutter/issues/58247
  lintOptions {
      disable 'InvalidPackage'
      checkReleaseBuilds false

Already having flavor settings and want to merge? Checkout example project. Please note that flavor dimensions are orthogonal. You may just want to reuse distribute flavor for the best build performance. Check out this article for details.

android {
  flavorDimensions "dummy", "distribute"
  productFlavors {
      dummyFoo {
          dimension "dummy"
      dummyBar {
          dimension "dummy"
      appCenter {
          dimension "distribute"

      googlePlay {
          dimension "distribute"

Try example project first when troubleshooting your local build issue.

Usage #

Basic usage #

import 'package:flutter_appcenter_bundle/flutter_appcenter_bundle.dart';

await AppCenter.startAsync(
    appSecretAndroid: '******',
    appSecretIOS: '******',
    enableAnalytics: true, // Defaults to true
    enableCrashes: true, // Defaults to true
    enableDistribute: true, // Defaults to false
    usePrivateDistributeTrack: false, // Defaults to false
    disableAutomaticCheckForUpdate: false, // Defaults to false
AppCenter.trackEventAsync('my event', <String, String> {
  'prop1': 'prop1',
  'prop2': 'prop2',

Turn feature on / off at runtime #

await AppCenter.configureAnalyticsAsync(enabled: true);

await AppCenter.configureCrashesAsync(enabled: true);

await AppCenter.configureDistributeAsync(enabled: true);

await AppCenter.configureDistributeDebugAsync(enabled: true); // Android Only

await AppCenter.checkForUpdateAsync(); // Manually check for update

Troubleshooting #

  • iOS: [!] CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "AppCenter"

    Manually delete podfile.lock and rebuild, this is a common issue when upgrading iOS native dependencies.

  • Android build issue

    Always check if example project builds first If it does not build, please report an issue If it builds, check the gradle setup Checkpoints:

    • Gradle version in gradle-wrapper.properties

    • Kotlin version in build.gradle

    • compileSdkVersion in build.gradle

    • com.android.tools.build:gradle version in build.gradle

    • lintOptions (in example) See issue

      Execution failed for task ':app:lintVitalAppCenterRelease'

    • build.gradle script (in example)

    • settings.gradle (in example)

  • jcenter retirement

    Replace jcenter since it will be retired on 1st of May, 2021.

    repositories {
         // jcenter()
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This plugin currently bundles AppCenter Analytics, Crashes and Distribute. To learn more about AppCenter, go to https://aka.ms/appcenterdocs



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