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Record your Flutter UI tests using this Widget on Android. Save the UI tests to play them again automatically.

Flutster #

Easy Flutter app integration testing automation as replayable records.

Purpose #

Conduct integration testing in a Flutter application by recording user events and comparing widget screenshots.

Easily detect errors in UI such as layout issues, unexpected behavior, and more with Flutster.

Use cases: #

  • Recording user events such as clicks and taps on widgets
  • Track widget behavior and detect sources of UI issues
  • Compare widgets with screenshots for difference using a variety of algorithms
  • Simulate robo testing on Flutter apps
  • Store recordings of your application

What you can track #


  • Time the tap occurred
  • Location of a tap
  • Duration of a tap
  • Widget tracking the event


  • Time the key press occurred
  • Character of key pressed
  • Duration of a key press
  • Widget tracking the event


  • Time the screenshot was taken
  • Comparison function used to compare screenshots
  • Widget tracking the event

Platforms #

Flutster has only been tested with Android.

Example #

An example of use for this plugin is available under the example folder.

Dependency #

Add to pubspec.yaml



import 'package:flutster/flutster.dart';

How to use #

Method One: Replace or place one Scaffold per page you want to test with a FlutsterScaffold. For example:

   return FlutsterScaffold(
      name: "myUniqueWidgetName",
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: Text(widget.title),
      body: ...

Method Two: Create the FlutsterTestRecorder and reference the widgets to test.

  name: "myUniqueWidgetName",
  child: myWidget,

Once the Flutster plugin is integrated in your Android application, run the application either on an Android emulator or on a physical device with the help of scrcpy.

Use the Flutster menu to record widgets. Interact with your application to record user events. Store and playback recordings to test.

Documentation #

Flutster documentation is available at site.flutster.com.

Feature requests/comments/questions/bugs #

Feel free to log your feature requests/comments/questions/bugs here: https://github.com/jod-li/flutster/issues

Contributions #

We would be happy to merge pull request proposals provided that:

  • they don't break the compilation
  • they provide the relevant adaptations to documentation
  • they bring value
  • they don't completely transform the code
  • they are readable

Contributions and forks are very welcome!

In your pull request, feel free to add your line in the contributors section below:

Contributors #


Continuous integration/deployment status: CI-CD

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verified publisherjod.li

Record your Flutter UI tests using this Widget on Android. Save the UI tests to play them again automatically.

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