Easy Flutter app integration testing automation as replayable records.


Conduct integration testing in a Flutter application by recording user events and comparing widget screenshots.

Easily detect errors in UI such as layout issues, unexpected behavior, and more with Flutster.

Use cases:

  • Recording user events such as clicks and taps on widgets
  • Track widget behavior and detect sources of UI issues
  • Compare widgets with screenshots for difference using a variety of algorithms
  • Simulate robo testing on Flutter apps
  • Store recordings of your application

What you can track


  • Time the tap occurred
  • Location of a tap
  • Duration of a tap
  • Widget tracking the event


  • Time the key press occurred
  • Character of key pressed
  • Duration of a key press
  • Widget tracking the event


  • Time the screenshot was taken
  • Comparison function used to compare screenshots
  • Widget tracking the event


Flutster has only been tested with Android.


An example of use for this plugin is available under the example folder.


Add to pubspec.yaml



import 'package:flutster/flutster.dart';

How to use

Method One: Replace or place one Scaffold per page you want to test with a FlutsterScaffold. For example:

   return FlutsterScaffold(
      name: "myUniqueWidgetName",
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: Text(widget.title),
      body: ...

Method Two: Create the FlutsterTestRecorder and reference the widgets to test.

  name: "myUniqueWidgetName",
  child: myWidget,

Once the Flutster plugin is integrated in your Android application, run the application either on an Android emulator or on a physical device with the help of scrcpy.

Use the Flutster menu to record widgets. Interact with your application to record user events. Store and playback recordings to test.


Flutster documentation is available at site.flutster.com.

Feature requests/comments/questions/bugs

Feel free to log your feature requests/comments/questions/bugs here: https://github.com/jod-li/flutster/issues


We would be happy to merge pull request proposals provided that:

  • they don't break the compilation
  • they provide the relevant adaptations to documentation
  • they bring value
  • they don't completely transform the code
  • they are readable

Contributions and forks are very welcome!

In your pull request, feel free to add your line in the contributors section below:



Continuous integration/deployment status: CI-CD


flutster library intended use is for Android. Refer to https://flutster.com for more details on how to use this plugin.