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A minimalist Flutter game engine, provides a nice set of somewhat independent modules you can choose from.


[next] #

0.29.3 #

  • Upgrade audioplayers to fix a few bugs

0.29.2 #

  • Fix audioplayers upgrade issue with the removal of default prefix
  • Remove path_provider as a dep that was not used
  • Temporary fix for the Flutter computeDryLayout issue

0.29.1-beta #

  • Fixing Game Render Box for flutter >= 1.25

0.29.0 #

  • Update audioplayers to latest version (now assets will not be added to prefixes automatically)
  • Fix lint issues with 0.28.0

0.28.0 #

  • Fix spriteAsWidget deprecation message
  • Add lineHeight property to TextConfig
  • Adding pause and resume methods to time class

0.27.0 #

  • Improved the accuracy of the FPSCounter by using Flutter's internal frame timings.
  • Adding MouseMovementDetector
  • Adding ScrollDetector
  • Fixes BGM error
  • Adding Isometric Tile Maps

0.26.0 #

  • Improving Flame image auto cache
  • Fix bug in the Box2DGame's add and addLater method , when the Component extends BodyComponent and mixin HasGameRef or other mixins ,the mixins will not be set correctly

0.25.0 #

  • Externalizing Tiled support to its own package flame_tiled
  • Preventing some crashs that could happen on web when some methods were called
  • Add mustCallSuper to BaseGame update and render methods
  • Moved FPS code from BaseGame to a mixin, BaseGame uses the new mixin.
  • Deprecate flare API in favor of the package flame_flare

0.24.0 #

  • Outsourcing SVG support to an external package
  • Adding MemoryCache class
  • Fixing games crashes on Web
  • Update tiled dependency to 0.6.0 (objects' properties are now double)

0.23.0 #

  • Add Joystick Component
  • Adding BaseGame#markToRemove
  • Upgrade tiled and flutter_svg dependencies
  • onComplete callback for effects
  • Adding Layers
  • Update tiled dep to 0.5.0 and add support for rotation with improved api

0.22.1 #

  • Fix Box2DComponent render priority
  • Fix PositionComponentEffect drifting
  • Add possibility to combine effects
  • Update to newest box2d_flame which fixes torque bug
  • Adding SpriteSheet.fromImage

0.22.0 #

  • Fixing BaseGame tap detectors issues
  • Adding SpriteWidget
  • Adding AnimationWidget
  • Upgrade Flutter SVG to fix for flame web
  • Add linting to all the examples
  • Run linting only on affected and changed examples
  • Add SequenceEffect
  • Fixed bug with travelTime in RotateEffect

0.21.0 #

  • Adding AssetsCache.readBinaryFile
  • Splitting debugMode from recordFps mode
  • Adding support for multi touch tap and drag events
  • Fix animations example
  • Add possibility for infinite and alternating effects
  • Add rotational effect for PositionComponents

0.20.2 #

  • Fix text component bug with anchor being applied twice

0.20.1 #

  • Adding method to load image bases on base64 data url.
  • Fix Box2DGame to follow render priority
  • Fix games trying to use gameRef inside the resize function

0.20.0 #

  • Refactor game.dart classes into separate files
  • Adding a GameLoop class which uses a Ticker for updating game
  • Adding sprites example
  • Made BaseGame non-abstract and removed SimpleGame
  • Adding SpriteButton Widget
  • Added SpriteBatch API, which renders sprites effectively using Canvas.drawAtlas
  • Introducing basic effects API, including MoveEffect and ScaleEffect
  • Adding ContactCallback controls in Box2DGame

0.19.1 #

  • Bump AudioPlayers version to allow for web support
  • Adding Game#pauseEngine and Game#resumeEngine methods
  • Removing FlameBinding since it isn't used and clashes with newest flutter

0.19.0 #

  • Fixing component lifecycle calls on BaseGame#addLater
  • Fixing Component#onDestroy, which was been called multiple times sometimes
  • Fixing Widget Overlay usage over many game instances

0.18.3 #

  • Adding Component#onDestroy
  • Adding Keyboard events API
  • Adding Box2DGame, an extension of BaseGame to simplify lifecycle of Box2D components
  • Add onAnimateComplete for Animation (thanks @diegomgarcia)
  • Adding AnimationComponent#overridePaint
  • Adding SpriteComponent#overridePaint
  • Updating AudioPlayers to enable Web Audio support

0.18.2 #

  • Add loop for AnimationComponent.sequenced() (thanks @wenxiangjiang)
  • TextComponent optimization (thanks @Gericop)
  • Adding Component#onMount
  • Check if chidren are loaded before rendering on ComposedComponent (thanks @wenxiangjiang)
  • Amend type for width and height properties on Animation.sequenced (thanks @wenxiangjiang)
  • Fixing Tapable position checking
  • Support line feed when create animation from a single image source (thanks @wenxiangjiang)
  • Fixing TextBoxComponent start/end of line bugs (thanks @kurtome)
  • Prevent widgets overlay controller from closing when in debug mode

0.18.1 #

  • Expose stepTime paramter from the Animation class to the animation component
  • Updated versions for bugfixes + improved macOS support. (thanks @flowhorn)
  • Update flutter_svg to 0.17.1 (thanks @flowhorn)
  • Update audioplayers to 0.14.0 (thanks @flowhorn)
  • Update path_provider to 1.6.0 (thanks @flowhorn)
  • Update ordered_set to 1.1.5 (thanks @flowhorn)

0.18.0 #

  • Improving FlareComponent API and updating FlareFlutter dependency
  • Adding HasWidgetsOverlay mixin
  • Adding NineTileBox widget

0.17.4 #

  • Fixing compilations errors regarding changes on box2_flame
  • Add splash screen docs

0.17.3 #

  • Tweaking text box rendering to reduce pixelated text (thanks, @kurtome)
  • Adding NineTileBox component

0.17.2 #

  • Added backgroundColor method for overriding the game background (thanks @wolfenrain)
  • Update AudioPlayers version to 0.13.5
  • Bump SVG dependency plus fix example app

0.17.1 #

  • Added default render function for Box2D ChainShape
  • Adding TimerComponent
  • Added particles subsystem (thanks @av)

0.17.0 #

  • Fixing FlareAnimation API to match convention
  • Fixing FlareComponent renderization
  • New GestureDetector API to Game

0.16.1 #

  • Added Bgm class for easy looping background music management.
  • Added options for flip rendering of PositionComponents easily (horizontal and vertical).

0.16.0 #

  • Improve our mixin structure (breaking change)
  • Adds HasGameRef mixin
  • Fixes for ComposedComponent (for tapables and other apis using preAdd)
  • Added no-parameter alias functions for setting the game's orientation.
  • Prevent double completion on onMetricsChanged callback

0.15.2 #

  • Exposing tile objects on TiledComponent (thanks @renatoferreira656)
  • Adding integrated API for taps on Game class and adding Tapeables mixin for PositionComponents

0.15.1 #

  • Bumped version of svg dependency
  • Fixed warnings

0.15.0 #

  • Refactoring ParallaxComponent (thanks @spydon)
  • Fixing flare animation with embed images
  • Adding override paint parameter to Sprite, and refactoring it have named optional parameters

0.14.2 #

  • Refactoring BaseGame debugMode
  • Adding SpriteSheet class
  • Adding Flame.util.spriteAsWidget
  • Fixing AnimationComponent.empty()
  • Fixing FlameAudio.loopLongAudio

0.14.1 #

  • Fixed build on travis
  • Updated readme badges
  • Fixed changelog
  • Fixed warning on audiopool, added audiopool example in docs

0.14.0 #

  • Adding Timer#isRunning method
  • Adding Timer#progress getter
  • Updating Flame to work with Flutter >= 1.6.0

0.13.1 #

  • Adding Timer utility class
  • Adding destroyOnFinish flag for AnimationComponent
  • Fixing release mode on examples that needed screen size
  • Bumping dependencies versions (audioplayers and path_provider)

0.13.0 #

  • Downgrading flame support to stable channel.

0.12.2 #

  • Added more functionality to the Position class (thanks, @illiapoplawski)

0.12.1 #

  • Fixed PositionComponent#setByRect to comply with toRect (thanks, @illiapoplawski)

0.12.0 #

  • Updating flutter_svg and pubspec to support the latest flutter version (1.6.0)
  • Adding Flare Support
  • Fixing PositionComponent#toRect which was not considering the anchor property (thanks, @illiapoplawski)

[0.11.2] #

  • Fixed bug on animatons with a single frame
  • Fixed warning on using specific version o flutter_svg on pubspec
  • ParallaxComponent is not abstract anymore, as it does not include any abstract method
  • Added some functionality to Position class

[0.11.1] #

  • Fixed lack of paint update when using AnimationAsWidget as pointed in #78
  • Added travis (thanks, @renancarujo)

[0.11.0] #

  • Implementing low latency api from audioplayers (breaking change)
  • Improved examples by adding some instructions on how to run
  • Add notice on readme about the channel
  • Upgrade path_provider to fix conflicts

[0.10.4] #

  • Fix breaking change on svg plugin

[0.10.3] #

  • Svg support
  • Adding Animation#reversed allowing a new reversed animation to be created from an existing animation.
  • Fix games inside regular apps when the component is inside a sliver
  • Support asesprite animations

[0.10.2] #

  • Fixed some warnings and formatting

[0.10.1] #

  • Fixes some typos
  • Improved docs
  • Extracted gamepads to a new lib, lots of improvements there (thanks, @erickzanardo)
  • Added more examples and an article

[0.10.0] #

  • Fixing a few minor bugs, typos, improving docs
  • Adding the Palette concept: easy access to white and black colors/paints, create your palette to keep your game organized.
  • Adding the Anchor concept: specify where thins should anchor, added to PositionComponent and to the new text releated features.
  • Added a whole bunch of text related components: TextConfig allows you to easily define your typography information, TextComponent allows for easy rendering of stuff and TextBox can make sized texts and also typing effects.
  • Improved Utils to have better and more concise APIs, removed unused stuff.
  • Adding TiledComponent to integrate with tiled

[0.9.5] #

  • Add elapsed property to Animation (thanks, @ianliu)
  • Fixed minor typo on documentation

[0.9.4] #

  • Bumps audioplayers version

[0.9.3] #

  • Fixes issue when switching between games where new game would not attach

[0.9.2] #

  • Fixes to work with Dart 2.1

[0.9.1] #

  • Updated audioplayers and box2d to fix bugs

[0.9.0] #

  • Several API changes, using new audioplayers 0.6.x

[0.8.4] #

  • Added more consistent APIs and tests

[0.8.3] #

  • Need to review audioplayers 0.5.x

[0.8.2] #

  • Added better documentation, tutorials and examples
  • Minor tweaks in the API
  • New audioplayers version

[0.8.1] #

  • The Components Overhaul Update: This is major update, even though we are keeping things in alpha (version 0.*)
  • Several major upgrades regarding the component system, new component types, Sprites and SpriteSheets, better image caching, several improvements with structure, a BaseGame, a new Game as a widget, that allows you to embed inside apps and a stop method. More minor changes.

[0.6.1] #

  • Bump required dart version

[0.6.0] #

  • Adding audio suport for iOS (bumping audioplayers version)

[0.5.0] #

  • Adding a text method to Util to more easily render a Paragraph

[0.4.0] #

  • Upgraded AudioPlayers, added method to disable logging
  • Created PositionComponent with some useful methods
  • A few refactorings

[0.3.0] #

  • Added a pre-load method for Audio module

[0.2.0] #

  • Added a loop method for playing audio on loop
  • Added the option to make rectangular SpriteComponents, not just squares

[0.1.0] #

  • First release, basic utilities
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A minimalist Flutter game engine, provides a nice set of somewhat independent modules you can choose from.

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