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Picture upload widget which helps selecting and uploading one or multiple images to firebase storage.

Flutter Firebase Picture Uploader #

This library offers a Picture Upload widget which can be used to upload one or multiple images to your Firebase Storage.

With this library the following is possible:

  • Upload one or multiple images via PictureUploadWidget
  • Delete images via PictureUploadWidget
  • Multiple customization options (font size, text, color, etc.)
  • Custom upload or download methods possible

Prerequisites #

Important: In order to use this library, you have to...

  1. Add Firebase to your project, e.g. for iOS copy your GoogleService-Info.plist into ios/Runner/
  2. Configure image_picker for iOS, see

Quick Usage #

A complete tutorial how to use PictureUploadWidget can be found here: Tutorial


  1. Apply the prerequisites mentioned above to your project
  2. Please refer to the example for usage: Quick-Link

Example #

Link to example video:

Bugs/Requests #

If you encounter any problems feel free to open an issue. If you feel the library is missing a feature, please raise a ticket on Github and I'll look into it. Pull Request are also welcome.