firebase_cloud_messaging_backend 1.0.1
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Use Firebase Cloud Messaging in your dart server code

Send messages with Firebase Cloud Messaging from your dart backend!

Created using the HTTPv1 API of Firebase Cloud Messaging - you can find more on their website.

Not affiliated in any way with the official Firebase team or Google.

Usage #

Acquire required informations for the JWTClaim: Firebase > Project > Settings > Copy your project-id then go on: Settings > Service Accounts > Generate new key > Copy important informations directly from the created file or load it with JWTClaim.from(jsonFile)

A simple usage example:

import 'package:firebase_cloud_messaging_backend/firebase_cloud_messaging_backend.dart';

main() async{
  var server = FirebaseCloudMessagingServer(
          client_id: "$clientId",
          private_key: authKey,
          private_key_id: "$privateKeyId"),

  var result = await server.send(Send(
      validate_only: false,
      message: Message(
          notification: Notification(
              title: "New content:", body: "John added something new!"),
          android: AndroidConfig(
              notification: AndroidNotification(
                  icon: "ic_notification", color: "#009999")),
          token: token)));

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.